Monday, January 21, 2013

New Adventures

Hey blog pals!

Well I wanted to let you in on my newest adventure. Fashion blogging.




I Madeline Weinstein have started a fashion blog called Sequin & Chic

You should check it out.

Bet you didn't know I was super into fashion/design-y stuff did you? Well we learn a new thing every day!

Hope you will support me in my crazy new blogging adventure. Should be interesting, especially taking photos of myself.

Click the link. You won't regret it.

Especially if you like sparkles. It's very sparkly...



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And Whatever Is Good

Happy New Years friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Years Eve! Did you do anything exciting? I had a bunch of friends old and new over to my house and we celebrated with chips, sparkling cider, and some VERY tasty cookie dough dip. I will have to hunt the recipe down and post it!


A few months ago my friends from Kamp Kanakuk started something called "The Thankful Project" and through it decided to launch a blog called And Whatever Is Good. The blog is wonderful. Each post is composed of 100 things different people are thankful for. PLEASE go check it out! Right away I knew I had to interview and feature their blog on ours.

Isabella, Madeline, Vivian & Selby!

Madeline: Introduce yourselves! Names, ages? Anything interesting we should know about you?

Perkins Girls:
Selby is the oldest, she is 17. She loves to run and play with kids. She is also the shortest.
Vivian is next, she is 16. She is super good at volleyball and is super smart. She loves country music, Harry Potter, and has the greatest pop culture knowledge.
Next is Madeline, she is also 16, and is the most practical of all of us. She is an incredible dancer and lover of all things Birdy, Cars and Beauty and the Beast.
Then little Isabelle, she is 14 but almost 15. She is a cheerleader and loves Saved By the Bell. She shares Vivian's Harry Potter love. She thinks she will marry One Direction. She loves Anthropoligie and the like.

Madeline: Who had the idea to start the blog?

Perkins Girls: It was Selby's idea. She posts most of the lists, but we all work to find them.

Madeline: What made you decide to go ahead with the idea?

Perkins Girls: Selby is impulsive. She started it and then the other girls jumped on board. There wasn't really a time where we were wondering if we should of not. In scripture, the Lord calls us to be thankful, and we saw this as an opportunity for that.

Madeline: What is the purpose/vision of the blog? Can you give a brief overview? 

Perkins Girls: The Purpose of the blog is to glorify God by recognizing all the things He has given us & listing things we are thankful for. We also love to see how differently God has wired each person differently when we read the list of things they like.

Madeline: Why did you decide to include other peoples lists and not just your own?

Perkins Girls: The idea behind the blog was to create a movement in culture that boycotts entitlement. The best way we could see to do this was to get people from all different places and walks of life to participate.

Madeline: Were you nervous the idea wouldn't catch on and no one would send in lists?

Perkins Girls: No. Well, maybe a little. But not really.

Madeline: How many lists do you have waiting to be "published"?

Perkins Girls: Um, maybe 3 or 4. Some days we have 10, and then a week later we will be finding lists day by day.

Madeline: Were you surprised at the number of people who wanted to participate?

Perkins Girls: No, haha! We will be if we finish.

Madeline: What's the funniest thing that someone has put on their list?

Perkins Girls: They are all pretty unique. Most every list has something that makes us laugh.

Madeline: What seems to be the most common thing people are thankful for?

Perkins Girls: Family

Madeline: What does the future of the blog look like? You said online it's a one year project. If people continue to send  in lists will you continue to publish them or just stick to the "One Year"?

Perkins Girls: The goal now is one year. We would love to be able to continue past that, but for now we are focused on that first goal.

Madeline: Anything else you'd like to say or add?

Perkins Girls: We still need 300 lists!!!!!!!!!!! (Email your list of the 100 things you're thankful for to 

Madeline: What are the top 3 things you are thankful for from this past 2012 year?

Perkins Girls:
Selby: Good Kamp friends, Hope in Christ & Kanakuk
Vivian: Nights without homework, Aspen, Good friends
Madeline: The presence of God, Music, Dance
Isabelle: Kanakuk, Ally Viernes, Food


A huge thank you to the lovely Perkins girls for doing the interview. PLEASE check out their blog If you'd like to send in your list of the 100 Things you are thankful for you can email 

I'm thankful for all of you!