Friday, November 23, 2012

Where's The Lava?

Whoa. I've been gone from the blog soooo long. I'm sorry! I have been to the other side of the world and back since then though! Well maybe not the other side of the world considering I was still in the United States... But hey... I think Hawaii is pretty far away! 

Yes you read that right. Since I last posted. I, Madeline, went to Hawaii and back and neglected to mention it. I'm sorry. Forgive me?

Let's go on a Hawaiian adventure!

Flying over water for 6 hours...
It's LAVA time!

We went to the Volcano National Park! I was so excited. I would get to see LAVA!!!!!! Seriously ya'll who DOESN'T want to see LAVA!!!?? I've have a strange fascination with it ever since I've seen the movie Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones. We started out at the "Nature Preserve Center" type thing... It was so legit. They had a huge map of the park and different zones of it were marked in yellow, red, black or green telling you where it was safe to go. There were TV screens on every wall with video footage of exploding and erupting volcanoes. They even had a really official looking report typed up for all to see. "THE DAILY LAVA FLOW REPORT" "LAVA LAKE IS UP 18 INCHES FROM YESTERDAY, STEADY STREAM MOVING FASTER THAN USUAL." "APPROACH WITH CAUTION." Etc...



Then it was time. We went up to a huge crater. Steam billowed out. I watched intently, waiting for the LAVA to EXPLODE out of the pit. Nothing.

That's LAVA steam!

My Mom and I, with the pit of LAVA steam behind us.

I eagerly asked the LAVA park workers where the LAVA was. "Oh you can see the glow of it at night in the pit." *Insert blank face here* I was not going to stay until 8 pm just to see the GLOW of LAVA! I wanted to see a RIVER of LAVA! "Well where else should I go in the park?" I asked. "Oh check out the Thurston LAVA Tubes!" 


I had seen a photo for the LAVA tubes. There was a man in a cave, with a lake of LAVA running next to him. 

WHOA. It's a LAVA tube ya'll.

(please excuse the people taking photos in my photo)

It was a muddy cave. No. LAVA. :(


Maybe the LAVA was this way? Probably, but I didn't want to be kicked off the Island if I got caught investigating. 

Okay. Last chance to see LAVA! On the coast! The LAVA actually flows into the ocean. Just look at all that hardened LAVA! Obviously we MUST be getting close!

It kinda looks like Jabba the Hut...

Driving... Driving... Driving... When suddenly!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww look at my cute pink shoes.

We had arrived. The coast. The water. The ocean. It was beautiful. 

The "Lava Arch" it was 60 ft. tall. Eventually it will crumble into the ocean
because of the waves beating on it.
I love this photo, and this song!

I had to get a photo by the arch :)
But. Alas. We reached the coast. There's a sign that reads... "No vehicles permitted, road blocked due to 2010 LAVA flow." and one other underneath... "3 mile hike to LAVA"

Well gosh darnit. I wasn't going to fly all the way to Hawaii, to spend all day in the car driving to the LAVA park, to miss out on seeing THE LAVA! I checked to make sure both shoes were properly tied. They were.  I was ready.
 I take 10 steps.
Needless to say I hightailed it back to the minivan. 
I'm so over nature at this point.
Get me to the closest shopping center. 
Where is my deodorant?
Sadly I didn't see LAVA. But hey it's a great story to tell :)

The view from our pool!

I went to Akaka Falls! It was beautiful!

The fact that they need signs like these make me laugh!

My sister's boyfriend. Myself, and my sister. Just goofing around :)

Sea Turtles!

There was even a beach right outside our resort with Sea Turtles! Aren't they so cute?!

Well except for the disappointment of not seeing LAVA... It was an amazing vacation that I'll never forget. I love getting to spend time with family and seeing my sister for the first time in almost a year was such a blessing. 9 days were not enough time to spend with her.

I'm sorry I've been gone from the blog so long! I have some really fun posts coming up! (plus I'm working on a surprise or two!)

Hope you all had a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!




Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally, Something We Can Agree On!

Hi everyone!
   This is just a quick post to remind everyone to please VOTE!! I know, I know. Don't give me the "But, the electoral college!" and "Our votes don't count!" or whatever excuse you're about to give me right now. If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about the state of our country or its leaders, plain and simple.
    I speak for both Maddie and myself when I say that we encourage each and every one of you fellow Americans to go to the polls tomorrow if you haven't already! It is what makes this country great!


Because of a dream my mom had, we borrowed these mannequins
from some nice people and put President Obama and Presidential
Romney masks on them. "Unfortunately", they only had a man and a woman, so guess who's the woman! =}

Bend... and SNAP!
P.S. Remember: whoever wins the election has been put in place by the Lord. We may think we know what is best for this country, but in the end, God is the grand storyteller who works everything according to his merciful plan.

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those that exist have been instituted by God.
~Romans 13:1