Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visits = Pinterest Projects

Two weekends ago Breanna and her mom came for a visit! It was so much fun as usual. I cannot wait to (God willing) spend next year with Breanna in England!

There will be a few posts on our visit because we had so many fun adventures! I will start off with our Pinterest Projects!

We decided to do two projects, a DIY Upholstered Cork Board and Fairies in a Jar.

The first project was the cork board. It was a success, but really frustrating. You'll see why in the photos below.

Me: Pre-Tacking the fabric onto the board.

I started by pinning the corners down so it would stay relatively smooth.

Hard at work

The extent of my progress.

Five minutes later... I was really tired of trying to get the pins straight. It was difficult! 

Our demise...

Breanna finished over half in one sitting. She's apparently not as OCD as I am ;)
On the tutorial it says to staple the fabric down on the back, but we opted for hot glue.

Breanna said hers will be her "Current Events Board"

Please excuse the quality of this photo. I grabbed it off my instagram.

Next project we tackled was the Fairies in a Jar.... Somewhat of a pinfail. We purchased the wrong size glow sticks then added both at once, which had too much "Glow Juice" plus, once you cut those suckers open you had to deal with glass inside of the sticks! Be careful! I think if we had changed the size of the glow sticks we would've had a much better end result.

The goods: A Jar, nifty cutting tool, glitter, GIANT glow sticks,  rubber gloves.
The finished product.

The lights off...

This is the glittery concoction. See those bumps? That's the glass.

Glitter. I love it. Can glitter be a favorite color?

"Glow Juice" and more GLITTER!

I hope ya'll enjoyed seeing our pinterest projects/fails! I get to see Breanna again in two weeks! Who knows what other adventures we'll have? :)

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Stay Crafty!


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  1. It's not a fail if y'all had fun, it just becomes a memory of experiments :)


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