Monday, August 20, 2012

Go Pack Go!

It's been so long since I've posted! I'm so sorry friends!

A few weeks ago some of my friends from Kamp were in town and they had an extra ticket to the Packer Practice so they invited me! How sweet is that? Not only did I get to see the Packers up close and personal (and I mean UP CLOSE! Wow! Those guys are HUGE!) I got to spend the whole morning/early afternoon with Kamp friends! It was so neat to see them outside of the Kamp gates. Since I live so far north I rarely get to see my friends from Kanakuk, unless it's back at Kamp!

Oh hey Clay...

They look like they're Tebowing.

Rodgers "Tebowing" (not really)

About to pass...

You can kinda see Donald Driver's head here...

Fixing up a scrape.

Hey Donald! Want to waltz?

Sweet Kanakuk friends! Plus I was her tribe princess!

Yay for Kamp friends!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these!

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