Friday, August 10, 2012

A Very Pinteresting Birthday Party

    Guess what, guys. As of July 17th, 2012, both halves of the Ninny Muggins can legally vote.

    That's right, I (Breanna) am now 18! I'd like to thank my parents for never leaving my side along the winding road of childhood, and my best frie- ahem, sorry. Anyways, being 18, I can now:

~have an Etsy account (Maddie and I will be taking advantage of this in the near future.)
~order things off of TV infomercials (Joke's on YOU, "you must be 18 or older to call"!)
~buy tobacco (Thanks, government, but no thanks.)
~be tried as an adult
~receive one of those nifty jury duty letters
~live on my own (Please don't kick me out, yet, Mommy!)
~be sued (Thank the Lord I don't live in Florida anymore!)
~be liable for any car accidents I have
~get married without parental consent (Finally, my secret fiancee! And they said we'd never make it.)
~sign a contract I won't be able to get out of
~have a credit card (Buy ALL the things! Just kidding, guys. I'll be in enough debt from going to college in a couple of years anyways.)

And, to celebrate this monumental page-turn in my life, I actually did some things I pinned on Pinterest! Here are some pictures of my birthday party decor:
The twinkle lights and banner- the banner didn't say anything.
It just hung out and looked vintage. It was originally an album
made out of pieces of burlap on two rings that I bought at
Hobby Lobby. (I kinda went cray on FotoFlexer)

These were my thank-yous... if they could get them out of the bottles. ;-)

The hors d'oeuvres

The bubbles were a hit with my 15-19 year old guests!
This adorable little hedgehog tablecloth anchor is from
 Practically Swedish, a company that sells Swedish cleaning
supplies and home decor. Marie-Louise Palm is a good friend
of my mom's.

The anti-climax. This is as good as it gets. That's why I took
so many close-ups of the mason jars and banner.

I know, I know. It's not quite as cute and crafty as Pinterest, but this is reality, people. I feel very akin to Ms. Pintester.



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