Monday, August 20, 2012

Go Pack Go!

It's been so long since I've posted! I'm so sorry friends!

A few weeks ago some of my friends from Kamp were in town and they had an extra ticket to the Packer Practice so they invited me! How sweet is that? Not only did I get to see the Packers up close and personal (and I mean UP CLOSE! Wow! Those guys are HUGE!) I got to spend the whole morning/early afternoon with Kamp friends! It was so neat to see them outside of the Kamp gates. Since I live so far north I rarely get to see my friends from Kanakuk, unless it's back at Kamp!

Oh hey Clay...

They look like they're Tebowing.

Rodgers "Tebowing" (not really)

About to pass...

You can kinda see Donald Driver's head here...

Fixing up a scrape.

Hey Donald! Want to waltz?

Sweet Kanakuk friends! Plus I was her tribe princess!

Yay for Kamp friends!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

To Love and To Cherish From This Day Forward...


    If you're not already, you are going to get so sick of Pinterest by the end of this post. There was another celebration in my family this past week: the wedding of my cousin! She is merely four years older than me and I've looked up to her throughout our growing-up years, so this event really hit me. It also made me feel old. On the bright side, my other cousin and I were able to pick up tips here and there for our weddings!
    As I implied in the first sentence, this wedding should have been a poster child for Pinterest. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful and had a certain hipster quality I'm sure she was shooting for, it's just that Pinterest is full of wonderful crafts that all need to be done by hand. Details, details, details! There was much work to be done the week before the wedding and since many hands were needed, I went up to volunteer mine. I wasn't the only one. Nine other girls stayed at my cousin's house for the week! It was like a sorority house- sans the bad stuff. We cut circles out of cloth; cut countless lengths of ribbon; tied those countless lengths of ribbon around countless jelly jars; wrote out labels; arranged bouquets; put salt, pepper, silverware, and napkins in 250 box lunches; and tied raffia around those boxes- amongst other things. It was exhausting (and fun, I might add)! We did so much work during the week that we felt strangely calm on the day of the wedding. I'd say it turned out pretty well. ;-)

The reception was held in a white tent right next to the church.
Each guest got to take their drinking glass and a jar of jelly.

The centerpieces each had one of our great-grandma's
antique broaches on them.

The carnival games- for the young and the young at heart.
There was also a photo booth. That's right- with props!

The "guest tree"- All the guests placed their fingerprints
 on the tree and signed their name.

The box of wisdom- good thing the S and the B weren't
 reversed! AMIRITE?!? No. Inappropriate.

The candy table for anyone with a sweet tooth.
Awww... get it??
These jars held candles and were hung all the way around the tent.

The cake table
Chic hipster decor

For an interesting twist, there was a grandfather/granddaughter dance.
It was recently our grandpa's 95th birthday!
Britt and Seth say their vows.
What was so sweet was that they saved their first kiss for the ceremony, so
we all got to witness it. They were sort of cute and awkward, but they got lots
of practice as the night went on. ;-)

This was the song she walked down the isle to. It was so touching, I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the sanctuary of that little country church.



Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 
~1 John 4:7

A Very Pinteresting Birthday Party

    Guess what, guys. As of July 17th, 2012, both halves of the Ninny Muggins can legally vote.

    That's right, I (Breanna) am now 18! I'd like to thank my parents for never leaving my side along the winding road of childhood, and my best frie- ahem, sorry. Anyways, being 18, I can now:

~have an Etsy account (Maddie and I will be taking advantage of this in the near future.)
~order things off of TV infomercials (Joke's on YOU, "you must be 18 or older to call"!)
~buy tobacco (Thanks, government, but no thanks.)
~be tried as an adult
~receive one of those nifty jury duty letters
~live on my own (Please don't kick me out, yet, Mommy!)
~be sued (Thank the Lord I don't live in Florida anymore!)
~be liable for any car accidents I have
~get married without parental consent (Finally, my secret fiancee! And they said we'd never make it.)
~sign a contract I won't be able to get out of
~have a credit card (Buy ALL the things! Just kidding, guys. I'll be in enough debt from going to college in a couple of years anyways.)

And, to celebrate this monumental page-turn in my life, I actually did some things I pinned on Pinterest! Here are some pictures of my birthday party decor:
The twinkle lights and banner- the banner didn't say anything.
It just hung out and looked vintage. It was originally an album
made out of pieces of burlap on two rings that I bought at
Hobby Lobby. (I kinda went cray on FotoFlexer)

These were my thank-yous... if they could get them out of the bottles. ;-)

The hors d'oeuvres

The bubbles were a hit with my 15-19 year old guests!
This adorable little hedgehog tablecloth anchor is from
 Practically Swedish, a company that sells Swedish cleaning
supplies and home decor. Marie-Louise Palm is a good friend
of my mom's.

The anti-climax. This is as good as it gets. That's why I took
so many close-ups of the mason jars and banner.

I know, I know. It's not quite as cute and crafty as Pinterest, but this is reality, people. I feel very akin to Ms. Pintester.