Friday, July 13, 2012

Kiowa Princess Episode 1: The Crowning

    Yo! Watsup?! Okay, here's a post imported from the foreign base of Kamp Kanakuk. Communication between Maddie and I has been a little more difficult this year for whatever reason (slow postal service, wrong address on my part, guerilla army interception- I don't know), so there may not be as many posts as usual from the Kamper of the Year. We apologize. However, I will still be interjecting comments in parentheses, and if that annoys you, I'm sorry, but I'm really not sorry.

Hey Friends!

    I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post before I left for Kanakuk. (It's okay, we forgive you. I haven't blogged in months, so...) The Monday before I left I got a call from one of the directors to ask me if I wanted to be the first two week Kiowa Princess because the original girl couldn't make it! (Snaps for Maddie!) I said yes, so packing was even more insane and I had to make "Princess" t-shirts. Oh, by the way, I am staying for a month, but I'm only princess for two weeks.
    My sports speciality this year is Tri-Athlete instead of tennis and it's really challenging, but tons of fun. It's the only sport other than the wake-boarding speciality that's co-ed (ooh la-la) and all the guys are super encouraging as well as the girls.
    We had opening Tribal ceremony on the 17th and I got to dress up in moccasins, a red indian dress, and full feather headdress! (This I have got to see.) It was so neat. When I get home I'll post pictures!
    Well, I'm off to help the other princess plan Karnival! See ya!



P.S. Breanna here. I'm posting this really late (surprise, surprise) and Maddie is no longer princess. She will be coming home on Monday, actually. I heard she had strep, though, so please be praying for her health these last few days!

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