Saturday, June 9, 2012

Final Prom Post

Okay friends,

I promise this is the last Prom "Spring Formal" post! I just received the photo CD from the photographer with pictures from the actual dance! It's so rare that people actually have photos from the dance part and not just dinner! Hope you enjoy! You can finally see the dress I MADE!

Here's me in my finished dress!

All the girls!

Silly picture!

The center piece decorations!

The view!

Isn't the venue setting GORGEOUS!
Ben and I cutting a rug!

I think Ben was spinning me. Or maybe the other way around. Haha.

We're pretty cool cats.

Ben and Liliana!

Liliana and Ben! Tango time!

Oh Ben. You're so fierce!

Cha Cha Slide

Laughing at something.

Or faking smiles. Jk, it was funny!

Such pretty ladies!

Chatting about the view.

So pretty!

The path :)

My friend Christian and I! (Not Cristian my bf)


You can see the back of the strap I sequined! Also I did my own hair!

All my friends from church!

Matthew and Hannah :) They have a flair for the dramatic.

Liliana and I!

One of my best friends!

Dance circle. Because we had long dresses, we couldn't bust a move too well.
So we did the dramatic "Butterfly"

A Samba line dance! You can see the back of my dress really well here!

Matthew and I dancing to a jive I think!

Jive time.

So intense. Whoa.

Love these girls! Emily and Katie!

Me :)

Liliana's dress was so pretty! The red looked gorgeous on her!

Liliana's dad was a chaperone at the dance so Liliana snuck a dance with him! :)

Me, looking lost in the crowd.

Please excuse my face... 


The guys really got into the "Y"

Senior farewell.

We huddled around them after the farewell and did a Hava Nagila style dance.


His brother made his jacket out of duct tape. My hero.

All the gents!

Even the guys had a silly picture. Notice the tebowing in the front.

Matthew and I dancing to Rock Around The Clock :)

The whole group!
Thanks for looking at all the pictures! Hope you enjoyed them!