Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spring Formal - Finally

Remember when I promised Spring Formal pictures? Well I'm actually keeping a promise I made! Whoo!

The majority of them are from dinner but that's okay :)

Dinner - In the background is our waiter. He never told us his name so we dubbed him
 "Joe" since he reminded us of Joe the butler guy from The Princess Diaries.

Oh hey Joe... 

I'm not sure why Lil looks so worried here.

Good evening to you also Ben!

I did Liliana's hair and it was really cool! I did a "Katniss" braid then
put it in a side messy bun! So cute!

Ben caught me off guard with the photo. You can kinda
 see the beading on the strap that I did!

Better view of the beading. Ben was obviously trying to be
 artsy with this photo, thus it being sideways.

Liliana, looking slightly worried again.

Dancing :)

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



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