Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Case Of The Missing Laptop

So friends, I found my camera. In fact, I have some pretty neat pictures I'm planning on posting. But my dad goes fishing for the whole month of May and decided he'd take my laptop along. *sighs* So I have no place to upload my photos to. I'm so sorry!

I even have a pretty epic photo of Cristian kissing a fish when we went fishing over my 18th birthday weekend! Gah! 

We have a wedding for my cousin this weekend, so if my dad brings the laptop I'm going to pounce upon it to post up a storm hopefully!

Oh, and there are 32 days until I skip off to Kamp Kanakuk again. Well, not quite literally skipping, because that would be really hard to do with my footlocker/trunk and huge duffle I pack. But once I arrive at Kamp, there will be plently of skipping, and screaming with joy at the reunion of friends. The new Kampers think we're insane and I love it.

Something kinda cool is that the worship leader from Kamp came to Green Bay for a concert at my church! Brady Toops is amazing! You should look him up! When he emails me some photos I'll post them!

Okay, enough random thoughts from the  now 18 year old blogger. (I CAN VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!)



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