Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome To Our Normal

Well pals, this last weekend was a blast! (the 16th -18th)  Breanna came to visit!

We started things out with a visit to a fisherie. (She decided to crash a hot date between Cristian and I, because we all know going to a fish farm is oh so romantic) One of my best friends owns the fish farm and they supply a local Wildlife Santuary's fishing pond. They're closing it soon because of an expansion (I think) so I wanted to show Cristian before it closed. Forever. (Dun dun dun...) Breanna and her mother were due in at any point so I had Breanna join us. It was pretty neat, although it smelled rather "fishy" who would've thought huh? We watched the fish being fed, which they throw a big scoop of fish food pellets in the water. It looks like a mad house all the fish start thrashing about like crazy.. erm fish?

After that we drove home (oh the joys of having a license!) and my dad grilled burgers for us.We've been blessed with such GORGEOUS weather this Spring in the Midwest! It's 80 here today, and was in the high 70's all weekend. After contentedly munching on our burgers all three of us (Breanna, Cristian and I) played ERS, listened to Backsteet boys and NSYNC.  (throwing it back old school 90's style!)

On Saturday Breanna and I (also our mothers) went to a mall about 30 minutes away and had a blast shopping all afternoon. We both purchased some fun stuff. I will try to get around to a spring style post soon.

Sunday afternoon (after church and more wonderful grilled burgers) Breanna and I had an impromptu photo shoot. We tried too look all cool and "model-ish" but alas, it didn't work out for me. I guess I won't quit my day job. This is us, being normal.

Breanna's salute to Angelina Jolie
Breanna is the BBall queen
Look at that form!
Laughing about some inside joke.

Running, with a tennis racket, I'm so coordinated.

Me, trying to give the camera my fiercest look.
I'm obviously giving Tyra a run for her money.
Fierce pose. Artsy camera angle.
All in all it's a win win situation.

Tucking. It's the *thing* to do.




  1. Hey Maddie,

    Great blog, Tricia and I have been enjoying your posts. Good work!!

    Ryan and Trish

    PS Do we win the competition?

    1. Hey Guys!

      I miss ya'll so much! Thanks for checking out the blog. I'm glad you like the blog posts! What competition?



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