Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Keep Calm and Let the Games Begin!

The Hunger Games of course!

I am eagerly (i.e. impatiently) awaiting march 23rd. I already have my tickets purchased for the midnight premier! 

I'm going with my friend Liliana who has become somewhat of a movie premier buddy with me. (around my birthday last year we went to the midnight premier of Pirates 4)  We tried convincing Cristian he should join us in our movie going adventure but he refused on account of it being a school night. (Isn't it wonderful to be home schooled?)

Have you read The Hunger Games? The book are fantastic! 

Oh there are some of you who haven't? My goodness! You need to pick them up right now! So many people are comparing them to Harry Potter and Twilight which drives me nuts. There isn't anything that is close to Harry Potter (actually I wouldn't know I haven't read the books, correct me if I'm wrong) and comparing it to Twilight makes me want to laugh. Katniss (the main character) is such a strong role whereas in Twilight, Bella is weak. The only resemblance I see between those to is that both Bella and Katniss go into the woods on occasion. (Although one to mourn the loss of her undead boyfriend and the other to hunt and fight for her life)

Such a good looking cast huh? I'll be tweeting about the premier right up until the movie starts then after I'll rate it for you from 1-5 stars. Follow me on twitter to get the updates (link in the side bar!)

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!



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  1. I soooooo agree with you!!! And another thing; bella is superficial, because she thinked that she was ok for edward just because she became a vampire...Oh, and its stupid :D


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