Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kamp is Coming!

Hey everyone!

I'm soooo excited that I'm returning to Kamp Kanakuk for my 5th summer this June! (Sadly that means I'll be leaving my blog pals for a while, but I'll write and have Breanna post!)

We have something called Tribes at Kamp.

There are four Tribes, two girl, two boy.

Kiowa and Kickapoo for the ladies.

Choctaw and Cherokee for the men.

My first year I was "inducted" into my tribe at the tribal ceremony. They read off your name, then your tribe and you're welcomed by all the former Kiowas (or Kickapoos) and they all start cheering. Then throughout the rest of the term you compete against the other tribe and whoever has the most points at the and of the term wins! 

I'm a Kiowa.

I love my tribe.

I love my Kiowa sisters.

I ran for Kiowa Princess last year. (Leader of your tribe)

I was blessed and incredibly humbled to be voted runner up, and the 2012 princess is actually the girl who I voted for. She has an amazing heart and can't wait to be under her teaching for a month.

I also made a t-shirt with my tribe symbol (The Kiowa eagle) on it! Want to see?

(Yes that's a mirror pic lol)

I used this tutorial to make the shirt. I can't wait to make more! I'm kinda obsessed with the super cute result. Next thing you know, every top in my closet will have little appliques on them. Tehehe.




  1. hey! what kanakuk kamp will you go to this year, 2012? im going to kwest for my 4th year of kamp and im a kiowa too!!!!
    how did u get the kiowa bird drawn so awesomly?

  2. Nice to see another Kiowa sister showing her spirit! I'm in the middle of adding to my collection of Kiowa shirts right now!

    1. Tribals were so much fun this year and the Kiowas won!


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