Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flog the Counterculturalist: Part 2

Hey, you! Don't you roll your eyes at me! You may remember a harangue I wrote about the evils of Facebook a while ago. Well, I was blog-surfing today and I came across something similar about Twitter. I apologize for all of the language. I found it interesting, though, because when I gave up Facebook I started to tweet more, not even realizing how analogous the two are. When you think about it, Twitter is even more narcissistic than Facebook (as are blogs, but let's not get crazy ;-). All it is is taking one interesting event out of your day and explaining it in 140 characters. If you enough it creates a false life that sounds exciting to others and makes you seem pretty important. What they don't see are the mundane, routine parts of your life that make you just like everyone else. However, in Twitter's defense, there definitely isn't as much drama or annoying account-hacking "Hey, this is Fantasia! Janessa is so amazing! I love you, Janessa!!!!11" statuses as Facebook.
Anyway, this was just a note I wanted to make. Another drop in the bucket of my far-fetched dreams of waking up the technology-nursed in this culture. Written on a blog. How hypocritical.


P.S. (From Maddie) So no one entered our contest. Probably because they had no desire to do so, but Breanna and I are going to look at it in a different light... We're giving it the "We obviously have so many overseas followers that they couldn't enter" point of view. We like to think of ourselves as glass half full kind of people.

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