Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 Month Surprise!

"Those who are easily shocked, should be shocked more often."
~Mae West

Remember my post about me going to see the Midnight Premier of The Hunger Games?

Well, there was some confusion about tickets before hand. I picked up Liliana a ticket and when she went to purchase her brother one, she forgot and bought herself one too. We had an extra ticket for the movie! We asked around but couldn't seem to find anyone to go with us. Finally Liliana texted me to tell me that our friend Ethan wanted to join us! Thursday night I ventured over to the theater with my pal Ben, and we met another friend Selene. We had a blast watching youtube videos and playing dutch blitz outside the theater waiting for the rest of our group. Around 8:30 I called Ethan to let him know that we were waiting at the theater if he wanted to join us. He said he was going to come when Liliana and her brother came. 
A half hour later I saw Liliana's car pull into the parking lot so I started walking over to greet them. Instead of Ethan getting out of the car Cristian did!

It was all a huge plan to surprise me at the theater! He brought me beautiful flowers for our 3 month anniversary too. What a sweetheart! 

If you know me, you know I really don't like surprises. I am the girl who likes to know everything about everything. I will say this was a nice one! (But if you're reading this Lil or Cristian, don't surprise me anytime soon ;)

Happy 3 Months To Us!



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