Friday, February 10, 2012

GIVEAWAY EXTENDED! If life give you hands, make handmade! Feb 10th-27th!

Blog friends...

We are sooo incredibly excited to announce our first blog giveaway of our handmade goodies!  A few days ago we came up with the idea of having a giveaway and we've been rushing to make some fun stuff so we can have one! 
Without further ado here are the crafts we made!

Breanna made:
Vintage styled veiled hair pin.

Woven Sweetheart Rose Bracelet

Chained Rose Pin

Madeline made:

A super sweet mini sock monkey!

A 6 pack of cute Valentine or anytime of the year cards :)
So here's the information of the giveaway. It's all one big prize package, so there's only one winner. 
Rules? Simply leave a comment! (Sorry, only people in the US can enter due to us being poor high school students and not being able to ship overseas)

Entries will be allowed until the 27th of February. 

Best of luck!

=) Breanna
<3 Madeline

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