Friday, February 3, 2012

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Last week while in Florida  I managed to convince my parents that I really needed to go to Disney World. Epcot to be more specific! My mom agreed that it was a good idea to head over to one of the parks for a day!
You don't realize how huge the Epcot ball is until you're actually standing in front of it!

We started the day off with a quick stop at "The Seas" with Nemo & Friends. The seagulls on the left side of the picture moved and kept saying "Mine?" "Mine?" So funny!
I stumbled upon a big group of Disney Characters while my family and I were eating our way through the countries and of course the inner 5 year old in me took over and I demanded that I have my picture taken with them.
King Louie, myself and Baloo!

Tigger and I! He's one of my favorites!

Daisy, myself and Donald! 

Gorsh! Goofy was so much fun. We danced before I got my picture taken then he blew me a kiss when I left. Soul mate? 

Chip and Dale! You can tell who's who because chip has a nose like a little chocolate chip!

In "America" they had the Fife &  Drum Tavern. Turkey Legs anyone? They were as big as my calf.

One of my favorite exhibits at Epcot it "The Land"  Here's a 9 pound lemon!

Sunflowers from "The Land"

The underside of the Epcot ball.

At night the ball is all lit up. Super pretty!

I had a blast at Disney and it truly did bring out the inner kid in me. Can you feel the magic? Well, that concludes my Disney roundup post!

As Tigger would say,





  1. Oh my heck, they had those huge turkey legs in Universal Studios as well. They made me sick to look at them honestly. haha
    That lemon is HUGE. Geeze, that's insane.
    I'm jealous you went to Epcot. I've been there once before but it's been a while. You're making me really want to go back!

    1. Oh I know. Crazy huge. I love Epcot, it's my favorite park. I really want to work at Disney one day :) Haha, I'm such a 5 year old at heart. <3 Madeline

  2. I love the lemon Maddie! I wonder if it would taste good...haha, that would be SUPER sour! :) By the way, I love all the pictures you put up, makes me smile! Can't wait to see more :)


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