Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shh. Teenager Resting!

Hey everyone!

A post is coming from Breanna very soon I promise! The website is still giving her login problems so it's up to me to post for her. I have hers in draft but I'm just waiting to find out what she wants as her labels!

Now, onto my post.

So you know how at every hotel they have the "Do Not Disturb" signs for you to use? Well while I was in San Diego (more pictures to come) I noticed that the sign for the Hard Rock Hotel was particularly funny. I now want to take a picture of every do not disturb sign when I'm at a hotel. I'll let you know how that goes. So without further ado... Here's the Hard Rock Hotel door hanger!

Pretty funny huh?

Well, I'm stuck in the Detroit airport because of undesirable weather conditions at our final destination so if I post 18 times tonight it's because we're delayed until 12:45 am. *sighs* I also have to get home and pack to leave on a flight to Orlando tomorrow morning. Yikes. Looks like it'll be an all-nighter for me.


(A very sleepy and travel weary)

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