Saturday, January 14, 2012

Resolutions Recap!

Do you remember that old post I wrote last year about New Years Resolutions? You can read it here.
So, umm about those resolutions? Want to know how I did?

1) Challenge my faith at Kamp!
I was able to take some extra Bible studies and I know I grew in my walk with the Lord! It was the best summer ever!

2) Eat Healthier
This is one where it depended on the day. Some days I'd eat healthy and others I was a little snack monger. But all in all I think I stayed on a pretty healthy plan!

3) Sew a Lined Purse or Pouch.
*hangs head in shame* I'm sorry... I just couldn't bring myself to do it. *sighs*

4) Overcome my irrational fear of sewing patterns.
Well... I did start some pajama pants that were from a sewing pattern, but I still need ot hem them and put the elastic in the waist. So I'm not sure if I have 100% gotten over this fear or not. ;)

5) Drive!
The year continued with me and  my phobia of driving. Then all of a sudden something clicked. I wanted my license. I took the test. I passed. I love driving. Why didn't I do this sooner?

6) Improve my tennis game.
Remember that friend I talked about that I played tennis with? That was Cristian :) At Kamp I took tennis as my sport specialty for a whole month. I received the award Most Improved. (Which kinda means they thought you stunk at first but then you got better) Haha! Well it must have paid off because when I got home we played tennis again and he seemed surprised in my backhand!

7) Laugh. Every. Day.
Check! *giggles*

8) Take Up Running.
Ha. Yeah, um about that. I'm awful at running. Sprinting...? Sure. But distance running? No. Well, it didn' improve much. But I'm still slowly trying to work at it!

9) Write More Letters
I didn't get to write as many as I would've liked but I did write quite a few! In fact I think I calculated all the stamps I used while I was at Kamp and it was somewhere around 40ish!

10) B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
Check! *exhales*

11) Read More Books Than Blogs
I've been reading more and I love it! My current pleasure read is The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Cristian got me a beautiful leather bound edition for Christmas and it's wonderful!

12) Learn and Perfect Different Accents
Sorry. I'm afraid this isn't something I learned or perfected :(

13) Get To My Other Blog
Well you know what? I decided that I had enough on my plate with this one. Plus this one is way more fun considering I have Breanna to blog with! I deleted it!

14) Sing
I did! I joined worship team at Church and had a blast! Sadly the leaders are moving so they couldn't continue, but someone else stepped up to take their place. I decided that I should focus on some other things at the time but it was so much fun!

So did you stick to your New Years Resolutions?



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