Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Am Speed. Kachow!

Please excuse my random blog title from the movie "Cars" (I love that movie, but the second one is my fave)

I thought I'd post some pictures from my visit to Mecum Auto Auctions!

A sign that was for sale. Pretty cool looking.

This Lincoln was so cool.

I had to take a picture of this. My dogs name is Daisy May!

This was an interesting hood ornament!

Houndstooth seats. 'Nuf said.

I love the blue of this car.

"Cute girl riding in the 'Stang!" (An inside joke with Breanna and I)

My dream car. A red Mini Cooper! I don't think I could drive it legally thought because it was a European model and as you can see the wheel is on the right side instead of the left!

"Mini Cooper"

Thunderbird. So cool.

Amazing whitewall tires! 
The cars were so neat! I was really tempted to drive away in a few of them. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!




  1. I absolutely enjoyed these pictures, Madeline! I’m a car enthusiast, and I admire the classy and sleek style of vintage cars, which have been a trademark for Hollywood stars during the earlier eras.

    Basil Glenn

  2. Nice choice of you dream car! You can drive this car! Don’t worry about the right-handed wheel because when you’re already inside the Mini, it’s easier to handle it. It’s just the same as driving on the left-handed wheel. I wish you could own this one someday. :) Arlyne Nelms @ Spartan Toyota

  3. Madeline or Breanna The BAR sign in the photo did someone buy it? If not do you have any leads on where it may be for sale?

    Jude Ewing

    1. Jude, I was at the auto auction over two years ago so I'm not sure if the sign is available anymore. I'm sorry!


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