Monday, January 23, 2012

Ewe Make Me Happy

Thanks Ry, I really needed to hear that.
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Hey you! How was your Christmas? Did you get all your gifts out on time? As you can imagine, I'm as bad at timeliness in real life as I am on the Internet. My handmade gifts were out the week after Christmas... or maybe it was the week after that....
But at least they were really cute! I made stuffed sheep ornaments for a few of my friends, including Maddie. Here's a brief history lesson of the sheep: About thirty years ago, my aunt made a bunch of these cuties for her family and friends. This year, my mom and I were admiring ours when one of us got the bright idea to figure out the pattern and make some for our family and friends.
It wasn't a huge undertaking. The body is pretty much a drawstring bag. All you need to make 5 of these is:
-wool fabric (All we could find was wool with suede on the back and that worked like a charm.)
-2 squares of brown felt (I would recommend using one for the legs and the other for the face, ears and tail)
-tan embroidery floss
-lots of thread and a needle
-a hot glue gun
-1 square of red felt
-1 square of green felt
-mini bells
-red ribbon

To make a pattern, trace a small salad plate or saucer (it depends on how big you want the body to be) on a piece of paper. Cut out your wool circle. 
 Sew around the edge and pull tight to form a drawstring bag. Stuff and sew closed.
 The body is finished! Now for the legs, cut two strips of brown felt about one inch wide. Cut in half; roll and glue. Glue the four rolls together and glue or sew them over the sewed bottom of the body. Now for the money maker: the face. Cut two 'u' shaped pieces of brown felt. Sew around the edge, leaving a hole in the end. Turn inside out and sew on the face with the embroidery floss. This part isn't an exact science. We made ours look like the original, but you can give yours whatever expression you want. It's not like there's a Face Nazi out there (famous last words). In case you're wondering, we used French knots to make the eyes. If you don't know this technique, click here
(Aren't her nails adorable?).
Once you're done, stuff the head and sew on the front of the body. Cut out three little tear drop-shaped pieces of brown felt. Glue two on top of the head for the ears and one on the opposite end for the tail. Almost done!
 Add these final details if you want. 1) Sew a bell onto the body just below the head. 2) Make a little bow with the ribbon and glue above the head. 3) Cut holly leaves and berries out of the green and red felt and glue to the body wherever you want.
There you have it! Your very own mini-sheep! Isn't he cute?




  1. You won't believe it - I made the same things about 30 years ago, made tons of them and sold them at a craft sale at work!! I still have a couple left and now a crafts group I belong to is making holiday ornaments to sell for charity - they want to make these!! They are adorable!

  2. What a great idea, making these cuddly little buggers for charity. How funny that my aunt made them around the same time! Was the pattern in a popular magazine or something? There's nothing better than bringing cute crafts back in style!


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