Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Am Speed. Kachow!

Please excuse my random blog title from the movie "Cars" (I love that movie, but the second one is my fave)

I thought I'd post some pictures from my visit to Mecum Auto Auctions!

A sign that was for sale. Pretty cool looking.

This Lincoln was so cool.

I had to take a picture of this. My dogs name is Daisy May!

This was an interesting hood ornament!

Houndstooth seats. 'Nuf said.

I love the blue of this car.

"Cute girl riding in the 'Stang!" (An inside joke with Breanna and I)

My dream car. A red Mini Cooper! I don't think I could drive it legally thought because it was a European model and as you can see the wheel is on the right side instead of the left!

"Mini Cooper"

Thunderbird. So cool.

Amazing whitewall tires! 
The cars were so neat! I was really tempted to drive away in a few of them. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!



Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hey friends! 

I'm in Orlando right now and I thought I'd share some photos I've taken :)

Some flowers on the Earl of Sandwich tables!

I added a new pin to my Disney Pin collection. It's the super cute Grape Soda pin from the movie Up (My favorite Pixar movie) I really love the pin I'm honestly thinking about pinning it on my wedding bouquet one day :)

I discovered some super tasty tea. It's the True Blueberry tea by Celestial tea company. You should go pick some up!

I just finished reading "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" by John Boyne. It was a fabulous book but very heavy. I didn't see the end coming and it left me speechless. I haven't had much time to do pleasure reading lately with all my school reading so it was nice to sit by the pool, tanning, and enjoying a good book.

I have some photos to add from the Mecum Auto Auction that I'll be adding soon! Very cool cars!



Monday, January 23, 2012

Ewe Make Me Happy

Thanks Ry, I really needed to hear that.
photo from

Hey you! How was your Christmas? Did you get all your gifts out on time? As you can imagine, I'm as bad at timeliness in real life as I am on the Internet. My handmade gifts were out the week after Christmas... or maybe it was the week after that....
But at least they were really cute! I made stuffed sheep ornaments for a few of my friends, including Maddie. Here's a brief history lesson of the sheep: About thirty years ago, my aunt made a bunch of these cuties for her family and friends. This year, my mom and I were admiring ours when one of us got the bright idea to figure out the pattern and make some for our family and friends.
It wasn't a huge undertaking. The body is pretty much a drawstring bag. All you need to make 5 of these is:
-wool fabric (All we could find was wool with suede on the back and that worked like a charm.)
-2 squares of brown felt (I would recommend using one for the legs and the other for the face, ears and tail)
-tan embroidery floss
-lots of thread and a needle
-a hot glue gun
-1 square of red felt
-1 square of green felt
-mini bells
-red ribbon

To make a pattern, trace a small salad plate or saucer (it depends on how big you want the body to be) on a piece of paper. Cut out your wool circle. 
 Sew around the edge and pull tight to form a drawstring bag. Stuff and sew closed.
 The body is finished! Now for the legs, cut two strips of brown felt about one inch wide. Cut in half; roll and glue. Glue the four rolls together and glue or sew them over the sewed bottom of the body. Now for the money maker: the face. Cut two 'u' shaped pieces of brown felt. Sew around the edge, leaving a hole in the end. Turn inside out and sew on the face with the embroidery floss. This part isn't an exact science. We made ours look like the original, but you can give yours whatever expression you want. It's not like there's a Face Nazi out there (famous last words). In case you're wondering, we used French knots to make the eyes. If you don't know this technique, click here
(Aren't her nails adorable?).
Once you're done, stuff the head and sew on the front of the body. Cut out three little tear drop-shaped pieces of brown felt. Glue two on top of the head for the ears and one on the opposite end for the tail. Almost done!
 Add these final details if you want. 1) Sew a bell onto the body just below the head. 2) Make a little bow with the ribbon and glue above the head. 3) Cut holly leaves and berries out of the green and red felt and glue to the body wherever you want.
There you have it! Your very own mini-sheep! Isn't he cute?



Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shh. Teenager Resting!

Hey everyone!

A post is coming from Breanna very soon I promise! The website is still giving her login problems so it's up to me to post for her. I have hers in draft but I'm just waiting to find out what she wants as her labels!

Now, onto my post.

So you know how at every hotel they have the "Do Not Disturb" signs for you to use? Well while I was in San Diego (more pictures to come) I noticed that the sign for the Hard Rock Hotel was particularly funny. I now want to take a picture of every do not disturb sign when I'm at a hotel. I'll let you know how that goes. So without further ado... Here's the Hard Rock Hotel door hanger!

Pretty funny huh?

Well, I'm stuck in the Detroit airport because of undesirable weather conditions at our final destination so if I post 18 times tonight it's because we're delayed until 12:45 am. *sighs* I also have to get home and pack to leave on a flight to Orlando tomorrow morning. Yikes. Looks like it'll be an all-nighter for me.


(A very sleepy and travel weary)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey Girl Scouts, Your Secrect Is Out! *Thin Mints Tutorial*

If you're like me you eagerly await spring for many reasons. One of those reason being Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Sadly before summer even hits I've already polished off any trace of the cookies then  I'm waiting impatiently for Spring to roll around again to repeat this process. It wasn't until the cookie making bug bit me this past Christmas season that I discovered what is my equivalent of Columbus discovering America... Homemade Thin Mints. A life changer.

Quite possibly the easiest recipe ever, you only need 3-4 ingredients.

- Ritz Crackers

-  1 lb of Milk Chocolate Coating Chocolate (don't mistake this with melting chocolate, coating chocolate works much better)

- 20-25 drops of Oil of Peppermint (don't mistake this with peppermint extract) I got mine at a baking supply store.

- (Optional) Sprinkles

Melt the coating chocolate in a double boiler, making sure the water doesn't start to boil. We don't want any water to accidentally get into the chocolate!
Once your chocolate looks like this:
add 20-25 drops of Oil of Peppermint. I usually add 25 because I like it being minty.
Stir in the Oil and then toss in a Ritz cracker.

Using a fork dunk the cracker in the chocolate until it's fully coated. Be careful not to break the cracker because you're so eager to eat your thin mints, crumbs in the chocolate aren't fun.
Start lightly shaking the cracker to remove excess chocolate.
Even the chocolate drizzles are pretty!

After the extra chocolate is off slide the cracker/cookie onto a cookie sheet with wax paper on it.
(Optional Step) Decorate to your hearts content. For this batch I shook some pink sprinkles onto the cookies before the chocolate set. I made a different batch that I drizzled white chocolate on top and it looked gorgeous.

Once the chocolate has set you can munch on them. So de-lish. I put mine in some cello-food bags and added a homemade tag so I could give them as small gifts.

Enjoy your wonderful homemade Thin Mints! They are so so so yummy!



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Resolutions Recap!

Do you remember that old post I wrote last year about New Years Resolutions? You can read it here.
So, umm about those resolutions? Want to know how I did?

1) Challenge my faith at Kamp!
I was able to take some extra Bible studies and I know I grew in my walk with the Lord! It was the best summer ever!

2) Eat Healthier
This is one where it depended on the day. Some days I'd eat healthy and others I was a little snack monger. But all in all I think I stayed on a pretty healthy plan!

3) Sew a Lined Purse or Pouch.
*hangs head in shame* I'm sorry... I just couldn't bring myself to do it. *sighs*

4) Overcome my irrational fear of sewing patterns.
Well... I did start some pajama pants that were from a sewing pattern, but I still need ot hem them and put the elastic in the waist. So I'm not sure if I have 100% gotten over this fear or not. ;)

5) Drive!
The year continued with me and  my phobia of driving. Then all of a sudden something clicked. I wanted my license. I took the test. I passed. I love driving. Why didn't I do this sooner?

6) Improve my tennis game.
Remember that friend I talked about that I played tennis with? That was Cristian :) At Kamp I took tennis as my sport specialty for a whole month. I received the award Most Improved. (Which kinda means they thought you stunk at first but then you got better) Haha! Well it must have paid off because when I got home we played tennis again and he seemed surprised in my backhand!

7) Laugh. Every. Day.
Check! *giggles*

8) Take Up Running.
Ha. Yeah, um about that. I'm awful at running. Sprinting...? Sure. But distance running? No. Well, it didn' improve much. But I'm still slowly trying to work at it!

9) Write More Letters
I didn't get to write as many as I would've liked but I did write quite a few! In fact I think I calculated all the stamps I used while I was at Kamp and it was somewhere around 40ish!

10) B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
Check! *exhales*

11) Read More Books Than Blogs
I've been reading more and I love it! My current pleasure read is The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Cristian got me a beautiful leather bound edition for Christmas and it's wonderful!

12) Learn and Perfect Different Accents
Sorry. I'm afraid this isn't something I learned or perfected :(

13) Get To My Other Blog
Well you know what? I decided that I had enough on my plate with this one. Plus this one is way more fun considering I have Breanna to blog with! I deleted it!

14) Sing
I did! I joined worship team at Church and had a blast! Sadly the leaders are moving so they couldn't continue, but someone else stepped up to take their place. I decided that I should focus on some other things at the time but it was so much fun!

So did you stick to your New Years Resolutions?



Friday, January 13, 2012

Off To San Diego!

Not my photo

Well friends on Wednesday I am off to San Diego! My mom is a CAbi consultant and their Spring '12 training is out in California and I'm so excited because I haven't gone along with her to "The Scoop" (as her training is called) for a year and a half! I can't wait to sit by the pool and soak up some sun while reading a good book. The cold Wisconsin winter has gotten to me and I definitely think I need a bit of a tan! I'll hopefully be able to attend the fashion show to see the new spring line, which from all the sneak previews looks fabulous.

So I pose a question to you blog friends. What should I bring along to read? So far I have
 "Between Shades of Grey"
"The Boy In The Striped Pajamas"
packed and ready to go but is there anything I just need to read? I'm getting tired of all my required school reading so something light and fun is preferable. I just finished "Brave New World" which I didn't like at all, but the few people who I talked to who had read it really liked it. I'm not sure why though. I guess it just wasn't my type of story. I'm reading "The Hiding Place" right now and it's my new favorite book. If you haven't read it yet, run don't walk to the local library or book store to get it. It is such a powerful book.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 - In Review

Hey Friends!

Hands down I have been blessed with the most wonderful year of my life! Why? You ask.

The beginning of the year Breanna and I had this crazy idea to start a blog! Look at us now! 83 posts later we're still going strong (and soon to be celebrating out 1 year Blog-iversary!) Ever since last January we've been keeping in touch (as was the main goal of our blog) more and more and even decided that *good Lord willing and the creek don't rise* we're going to spend a school year in England going to a Bible school together after high school! Europe here we come!

In February, Breanna and I had the adventure of a lifetime (in the US... European adventure yet to come) going on a super fun road trip to Orlando FL. My mom did a CAbi party for her aunt, then the rest of the time we were down there we chilled by the pool, ate pickles, pretended we were food critics, went to Downtown Disney, shopped etc.

March - I think it was a pretty chillax month, both recovering from out crazy adventures in FL.

April - I went to visit my sister in Austin, TX! Austin is one of my favorite cities and finally being able to wear a dress for Easter without having a down winter jacket over it was nice. 90 degrees was the average while we were there!

May - I had my birthday and SURPRISE! Breanna and her mom showed up on my doorstep as my birthday present! We had a fabulous weekend together choreographing dances (and discussing tan legs) I had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend that I spent playing doubles tennis with friends, having a fun sleepover, then enjoying a great parade honoring our troops.

June - I the opportunity to put together a talent show in 6 days to raise money for a mission relief trip my church was sending down to Georgia. I never just leave it at one thing, so I added a bake sale to it which was a smashing success. The freewill offering and bake sale proceeds ended up raising over $600 for the mission trip. It was most defiantly a high stress job though, considering that two days after the talent show I left for Kamp Kanakuk! It was my first time flying alone and I was not very happy when I found out I had to get up at 4:00 am. (I'm not a morning person) and I was a bit nervous when I realized I had a 3-4 hour layover in ATL. But even the layover was a blessing. While I was waiting at my gate I noticed a girl dressed all in exercise clothing so I took a wild guess and I asked her if she was heading to Kanakuk. It turns out she was, and it was her first year at Kamp for a whole month! Not only that, but as we were chatting I found out she is from MN and attends the same church that my sister attends! What a small world huh? I was qualified to run for Tribe Princess at Kamp and when you are, one of the requirements is mentoring a younger gal at Kamp so I was able to mentor her!

July - Kamp continued halfway into the month of July so I will continue with my kamp adventures. There were 13 girls who ran for Kiowa princess originally then after voting they announced the final 5. I was blessed enough to make it into the final 5 nominees! It was a huge surprise and I wasn't expecting it! There was another voting process and the winners would be announced parents night. I was so nervous! My wonderful friend Haley won Kiowa Princess for next summer but I was honored to receive 1st runner up! I know that she'll do a fantastic job as princess and I won't need to step in at all. I'm so excited for her and extremely humbled to think that so many girls would want me to be their tribe leader next year that they'd even vote for me! The rest of July was uneventful, I caught a horrible case of bronchitis a few days before I left kamp so I layed low for the rest of the month.

August! - August was such a fun month! I went to Six Flags Great America for the first time. I was very nervous on my first roller coaster, infact I almost fainted... But once I went on the first ride the rest were a blast! The week after I had a pool party for my youth group at my house which was tons of fun and the last week of August I got a group of kids to go to a local art festival. Afterwards my friend Cristian came over and hung out until his parents picked him up, but before they did he asked me if I'd like to go to homecoming with him!

September - My parents said YES! September was filled with dress and shoe shopping with Breanna! While I was with her I purchased a gorgeous cream dress with a jeweled neckline. I thought it was going to be the dress, but then I realized that the lining was paper thin and was rather see through. That simply would not do! So while I was attending the Desiring God conference in MN my mom and I went looking for dresses and I found a beautiful cream and maroon striped dress that was one shoulder. I went with that and it was perfect!

October - I attended homecoming at Cristian's high school. It included a football game the night before which sadly they lost but the dance the next night was fun! The weekend afterwards my youth group went to a camp up in northern Wisconsin to close up the summer events for the winter retreats. On my project team were Cristian and my great friend Maggie! We demolished an old hatchet throwing range, took down the riflery and archery range, set up a cross country skiing post that we designed to look like the Survivor Tribal Ring :)  (Tiki torches and all) I got to tear apart a rotting picnic table with a hammer! It was a ton of fun!

November - I sold my crafts at either my 6th or 7th Craft Boutique in MN. I sold out of everything except my Sock Monkeys! Then right away the weekend afterwards we were back in MN to have Thanksgiving with my family. It was great to see my sister who flew up from TX with her boyfriend who is from Australia! It was a bittersweet holiday though, she broke the news to us that after Christmas she was planning on moving to Australia! We were sad but very excited. It means that we should be able to visit her sometime this year!

December was probably one of the best months this year :) Remember that handsome guy I went to homecoming with? Well, Cristian surprised me, he talked to my parents and asked for their permission and blessing to date me. My parents agreed and later in December he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I said yes! Also some news I failed to share with the blog. I took my drivers test finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did I take it, I passed with just 3 points off! I am officially licensed to drive! I was able to plan my youth group's Christmas party this year. It was fun! I even had a hot chocolate bar! My sister returned home from TX, and I was able to spend 10 days with her before she left for Australia after Christmas. After a wonderful Christmas at home we drove her to the airport in Chicago then continued onto MN once again to visit my cousin who was in town with his two sons. It was great to see them and I heard lots of "AUNT MADDIE!!!" for two days. My family got home in time for New Years Eve and we went to a Gamblers hockey game with some long time family friends of our and Cristian joined us. The Gamblers won 10-1! Afterwards we went home to lay low until midnight and Cristian taught me how to play chess, something I've wanted to learn for the past few years. He's such a patient teacher and even let me win! Checkmate!

I hope you had a great 2011! I know I did! Happy New Year! Welcome 2012!