Monday, December 26, 2011

Fa La La La La!

(Side Note: This is Maddie, Breanna's blogger hasn't been working so she emailed them to me ages ago and I typed them up... Then my internet went out so I gave up for a few days when it came to uploading the photos. When I fixed our wifi I finished the posts but instead of hitting the Publish button I hit Save and Preview, forgetting to actually publish her posts. I logged on and was wondering why we had two posts in the draft folder then I realized my mistake. I am SOOOO incredibly sorry ya'll! I hope you and Breanna will forgive me!)

Part of getting ready for Christmas is dusting off the Christmas music and having a jam sesh to Kenny G’s golden riffs. I just wanted to quickly make a list of a few of the musical CDs and DVDs we have lying around at strategic places in the house. We are virtually never without background music in my house. Here goes:
~Kenny G Christmas Classics: Yule Log Edition (“Hey! Is your TV on fire?!” “No, it’s just my Yule Log DVD.”)
~Lorie Line and Her Pop Chamber Orchestra Holiday Piano Favorites (I found this one in a cereal box)
~MercyMe The Christmas Sessions (I think we ran this one over with our car... but it still works like a charm!)
~Keith and Kristyn Getty Joy: and Irish Christmas (Maddie and her family gave this to us this year and I LOVE listening to her accent!)
~Various artists WOW Christmas
~Celtic Women A Christmas Celebration (Again, mesmerizing accents.)
~Theater for the Thirsty A Misfit Christmas
~Relient K Let it Snow, Baby…Let it Reindeer
~Jaci Velasquez Christmas(Original, right? But her voice is so soothing.)
~Glenn Henriksen Christmas Joyful
~Various artists A Midnight Clear: Christmas Music to Fill Your Heart
~Eden’s Bridge Celtic Christmas (As you can tell, we really like Celtic music.)
Well, those are our favorites. Check some of them out, I dare ya.


P.S. Here's a picture of our first snowfall of the season. The picture really doesn't do it justice, it was so gorgeous.

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