Monday, December 26, 2011

Fa La La La La!

(Side Note: This is Maddie, Breanna's blogger hasn't been working so she emailed them to me ages ago and I typed them up... Then my internet went out so I gave up for a few days when it came to uploading the photos. When I fixed our wifi I finished the posts but instead of hitting the Publish button I hit Save and Preview, forgetting to actually publish her posts. I logged on and was wondering why we had two posts in the draft folder then I realized my mistake. I am SOOOO incredibly sorry ya'll! I hope you and Breanna will forgive me!)

Part of getting ready for Christmas is dusting off the Christmas music and having a jam sesh to Kenny G’s golden riffs. I just wanted to quickly make a list of a few of the musical CDs and DVDs we have lying around at strategic places in the house. We are virtually never without background music in my house. Here goes:
~Kenny G Christmas Classics: Yule Log Edition (“Hey! Is your TV on fire?!” “No, it’s just my Yule Log DVD.”)
~Lorie Line and Her Pop Chamber Orchestra Holiday Piano Favorites (I found this one in a cereal box)
~MercyMe The Christmas Sessions (I think we ran this one over with our car... but it still works like a charm!)
~Keith and Kristyn Getty Joy: and Irish Christmas (Maddie and her family gave this to us this year and I LOVE listening to her accent!)
~Various artists WOW Christmas
~Celtic Women A Christmas Celebration (Again, mesmerizing accents.)
~Theater for the Thirsty A Misfit Christmas
~Relient K Let it Snow, Baby…Let it Reindeer
~Jaci Velasquez Christmas(Original, right? But her voice is so soothing.)
~Glenn Henriksen Christmas Joyful
~Various artists A Midnight Clear: Christmas Music to Fill Your Heart
~Eden’s Bridge Celtic Christmas (As you can tell, we really like Celtic music.)
Well, those are our favorites. Check some of them out, I dare ya.


P.S. Here's a picture of our first snowfall of the season. The picture really doesn't do it justice, it was so gorgeous.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Get Ready For A Cheesequake!

Have you ever been to The Cheesecake Factory? If you haven’t (and I think all who have can agree that) it’s a place of wonder and excitement and delicious food chock-full of calories. One of Maddie and my absolute favorite hors d’oeuvres on the menu is probably the most calorie-laden: fried mac and cheese balls.
Last week I had the urge to try my hand at making these artery-clogging-heart-stoppers, so I surfed the web until I found the closest thing I could without hacking into the restaurant’s recipe database. You may want to strap yourself to your seat because you are about to witness a cheesequake (forgive me). This recipe contains TWO POUNDS of cheddar and Gouda!

  Yeah, I know. Only in America. We had to break out our largest pot in our cupboards because this recipe makes FORTY spheres of cheesy goodness!  After we formed the reformed childhood favorite into little three-dimensional circles, otherwise known as spheres, and coated them with an egg n’ milk mix and breadcrumbs, it was time to start fryin’. My great grandmother was making a batch of rosettes (fried Norwegian cookies) once and severely burned her legs by dropping the pot of boiling oil down her front, so I have a slight phobia of frying things. 
I wasn’t going to take any chances...
Since we weren’t planning on having an army over for dinner, we took out six cheese balls and put the rest in the freezer (where our supply will slowly diminish over the next two years).
Now if you don’t already have your family Christmas meal planned, this is the meal that keeps on giving.
I hope you all are happy and healthy this season and don’t forget the real reason!
Love, your punny blogger,
Breanna =)


Hey Ya'll!

Just thought we'd quickly direct your attention to the new "Photography" page on our blog! We both love taking photos but don't always have an entire post to go along with each one. So we made a separate page especially for it! We don't have very many picture up right now but hopefully we'll get more soon! Do you want to check it out? We think you should! Click HERE to visit it! If you want to use the photos that's awesome, but we'd really love and appreciate it if you emailed us first! Feel free to link them on pinterest! Oh hey, you could even follow us on pinterest if you fancy!

Breanna  =)

Madeline   <3

Photography by: Madeline

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Will Blog For Comments

To comment, or not to comment? That is the question.

Many people are simply readers not writers of blogs. I know that both of us (Breanna and Madeline) read other blogs as well as write.

See that sweet little button underneath the post that says "Comments 0"? As bloggers whenever we see that we die a little inside. Hey, we're bloggers, we're needy, we sometimes strive to be people pleasers, we need self assurance, we love comments.

For us (Breanna and Madeline) the majority of the comments we get are from our moms, offline, telling us they like the photo we took and posted. (Thanks mom!) When new-hopefully-up & coming bloggers like us receive comments we freak out! (It's actually rather humorous)

It goes something like this. Madeline will receive an email alert on phone about new comment. Madeline eagerly reads comment, (sometimes repeats this step). Madeline calls Breanna, then realizes that she probably lost her phone again so calls Breanna's moms phone. Breanna's mom answers (most of the time) conversation usually consisting of the weather, politics and reminiscing about the past ensues. Breanna's mom gives the phone to Breanna. She apologizes for her mom keeping me for 10 minutes. Conversation about mountain goats, pinterest, and past escapades. I almost forget to mention the comment. I eventually mention it and we squeal with excitement. She quickly goes and checks. Conversation about the comment, sometimes we fabricate a crazy back story about how the person lives in Africa, is probably a fur trader, and found our blog cause they saw a picture regarding our post. Breanna hushes her dog Felix 3 times somewhere throughout this phone call. We both reply to the comment and hope the person reads it :) Then have the awkward "Okay, talk to you later." "Yeah, see ya!" "Bye!" "Bye!" "Umm, bye." "Yeah, uhh bye." farewell happens.

Now you're thinking as a reader, "Certainly that doesn't happen with every blogger?"
No, I can safely say that it does not. But, for many of the blogs we read we know that the authors love receiving comments! Also, if you look, many try to respond to your comment!
We aren't saying that you need to leave a comment on every single post of all the different blogs you read! But if there's a question you have, or a question asked in the post, correcting our spelling or grammar (hmm maybe not this one) a photograph you like, constructive criticism, a rebuttal to something you read... Post it in the comments! Having comments challenging us is great... Continue to reminds us about those tutorials we promised. It will motivate us to get the ball rolling!

We love hearing from our readers (all 5 of them ;) jk I think we have more) and we love hearing what our readers think. (Side note: in our small group of followers both of us are following our own blog. Sad huh? Haha!)

Hope this changes how you look at a comment! They may be small, but they mean a lot.

=) and <3 

Breanna and Madeline

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside! Wreath Tutorial!

My oh my! It's getting soooo cold outside! The other day the thermometer read 16 degrees. Cold weather is not my thing, I think I'm alergic to it ;) I've been in the crafty mood thanks for pinterest (I'm becoming a pinaholic!) And it's inspired me to go a bit homemade for Christmas. So I decided to make a wreath! My dad thought I had gone crazy when I tossed a foam ring into the cart while at Fleet Farm but oh well! Here's what you'll need!

1 Foam Ring
1 Skein Plain Yarn (In color of your choice)
1 Skein Textured Yarn (In color of your choice)
3 Different Sized Craft Pearls/Bead
1 Sheet of White Felt
Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun
Sewing Needle
Thread Matching Yarn
1 Skein Bulky Yarn (In color of your choice)
Knitting Needles (I used size 8)

First I wrapped plain white yarn around the whole ring, securing it with hot glue at the end.

I wanted to add some texture to the wreath so I wrapped it in a second layer of a textured yarn. It's just a cheap cotton/acrylic yarn from Walmart! Secure ends with hot glue again!
Then time to start knitting! It's a simple technique for knitting flowers. Cast on 10 stitches, knit one row, then knit one stitch but instead of removing the stitch bring the yarn in front and pearl a stitch then remove the stitch. (If you'd like a better tutorial on the flowers leave a comment!) After doing that to every stitch in that row, knit the next row normally. The row after do the k/p stitch mix for all stitches (you should have 20 by now) knit next row normally, k/p mix for next row, knit stitches (40 by now) normally, k/p mix next row, then cast off for the last row (you should be casting off 80 stitches) The flower should kinda curl up and you can sew it together so it creates a rosette. I made one larger flower with 80 stitches at the end and two smaller with only 40 stitches at the end.
Cut two leaf shapes from the felt to what ever your desired size is. Then hot glue the craft pearls all over the leaf.
Arrange your flowers and leaves how you'd like them displayed on your wreath and you can put a small x down to mark it. Then sew your flowers onto the wreath. This shouldn't be hard since you have the two layers of yarn to work with!
Hot glue the pearl leaves where you want them, and then to secure the flowers you can hot glue the outside "petals" to the wreath.
Tie a ribbon to the top of your wreath and hang it! (Do you like my wreath hanger? I got it for $2.50 at Target! It's sparkly!)
Tada! You're finished and also the proud new owner of a super cute wreath!

I'm off to make myself a hot chocolate since I'm so freezing! Stay warm!