Thursday, December 8, 2011

Will Blog For Comments

To comment, or not to comment? That is the question.

Many people are simply readers not writers of blogs. I know that both of us (Breanna and Madeline) read other blogs as well as write.

See that sweet little button underneath the post that says "Comments 0"? As bloggers whenever we see that we die a little inside. Hey, we're bloggers, we're needy, we sometimes strive to be people pleasers, we need self assurance, we love comments.

For us (Breanna and Madeline) the majority of the comments we get are from our moms, offline, telling us they like the photo we took and posted. (Thanks mom!) When new-hopefully-up & coming bloggers like us receive comments we freak out! (It's actually rather humorous)

It goes something like this. Madeline will receive an email alert on phone about new comment. Madeline eagerly reads comment, (sometimes repeats this step). Madeline calls Breanna, then realizes that she probably lost her phone again so calls Breanna's moms phone. Breanna's mom answers (most of the time) conversation usually consisting of the weather, politics and reminiscing about the past ensues. Breanna's mom gives the phone to Breanna. She apologizes for her mom keeping me for 10 minutes. Conversation about mountain goats, pinterest, and past escapades. I almost forget to mention the comment. I eventually mention it and we squeal with excitement. She quickly goes and checks. Conversation about the comment, sometimes we fabricate a crazy back story about how the person lives in Africa, is probably a fur trader, and found our blog cause they saw a picture regarding our post. Breanna hushes her dog Felix 3 times somewhere throughout this phone call. We both reply to the comment and hope the person reads it :) Then have the awkward "Okay, talk to you later." "Yeah, see ya!" "Bye!" "Bye!" "Umm, bye." "Yeah, uhh bye." farewell happens.

Now you're thinking as a reader, "Certainly that doesn't happen with every blogger?"
No, I can safely say that it does not. But, for many of the blogs we read we know that the authors love receiving comments! Also, if you look, many try to respond to your comment!
We aren't saying that you need to leave a comment on every single post of all the different blogs you read! But if there's a question you have, or a question asked in the post, correcting our spelling or grammar (hmm maybe not this one) a photograph you like, constructive criticism, a rebuttal to something you read... Post it in the comments! Having comments challenging us is great... Continue to reminds us about those tutorials we promised. It will motivate us to get the ball rolling!

We love hearing from our readers (all 5 of them ;) jk I think we have more) and we love hearing what our readers think. (Side note: in our small group of followers both of us are following our own blog. Sad huh? Haha!)

Hope this changes how you look at a comment! They may be small, but they mean a lot.

=) and <3 

Breanna and Madeline


  1. I think most of us still squeal hysterically when we see comments, I do anyway! This is a great reminder to leave some comment love on other peeps blogs!

  2. Everytime I get a comment I rush to the computer and check out that persons blog...and I get all smiley at the fact that somebody out there understood what I was trying to say... Cute blog ladies!

  3. I love this post and will comment and follow you lovely ladies! Please follow me too.... I look forward to your blogging future!

  4. Ah the joy of a comment. I so get it. I just had to leave y'all one and hope for the above scenario to actually happen. Did it? Lie if it didn't. And I wanted to thank you for your sweet one left on my mine today! You made me smile and so did this post. :)

  5. @Twoshadesofpink Yes! It did indeed! Although the phone died so we're waiting to have it recharge so we can continue it! Haha!
    @Renee! I'm looking up your blog now! Thanks for the follow! We're extremely excited!

  6. As a mountain goat farmer living in Africa, I just want to say - nice job girls!

  7. Wow that was an amazing post. You should really be writing books for all of us to read and enjoy. Anyway, this blog post really captures the essence of how it feels to get a positive response from the public(even though you thought no one was reading it). It's like getting a twitter reply from the celebrity you just tweeted and thinking you'll be best freinds forever.

    Comments also help reaffirm what your doing is amazing work, And help you know what people want to read about. Which apparently is comments..
    Fantastic work!

  8. @bopelt You are too kind =) We're so thrilled that some people understand. This is exactly what we mean!
    How awesome is it that someone that lives in Africa can see our blog posts? Thank you so much for commenting!

  9. I remember all too well how it felt listening to crickets every time I'd put up a new post. I still don't get that many comments (unless I'm hosting a giveaway) but they do make my day! Looking forward to poking around your blog a bit and seeing what's here! Welcome to blog land ladies : )

    (pink and green mama)

  10. Ohmygosh, your blog is really super cute! The world needs more super cuteness :)

  11. Great blog ladies - new follower from the UK! Might try that lovely wreath too!

  12. @PuppyLovePrincess Thank you so much! We agree ;)
    @Gherkin, Thanks for the Follow! When we're both over in the UK for school maybe we could stop by for a cup of tea ;)

  13. Y'all are too cute! I've been blogging awhile and I still get all excited at comments... That aren't from my Mom or BFF. (Although I love those type of comments too but I think they feel obligated!)

  14. PS... One trick I have learned for getting more comments is to turn off the word verification. You could still approve comments in case you get spam.

  15. found u thru nikki! saying hi from new zealand!


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