Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopping Before Black Friday

This past weekend I attended a craft boutique and sold my wares! (Do you think I have pictures of it? of course not) It was so much fun to see all my friends that have done tables in the past! I believe this is my 6th or 7th year having a table and over the years what I've sold has changed. The first year I sold simple bracelets and greeting cards, then expanded into cell phone socks, shrinky dink jewelry, photo cards, dog treats and sock monkeys. (Not all in one year) This year I simplified. I only made sock monkeys, rice bags (the wonderful things you heat up in the microwave or toss in the freezer) dog treats and I introduced cupcakes this year! I was so excited to sell cupcakes and they were a huge hit! I sold out! The boutique consisted of Friday evening and Saturday morning-into-afternoon. Breanna and her mom showed up Saturday afternoon and after the boutique was finished we went shopping at the Mall Of America!

No, we didn't shop in Michael Kors, (I wish) but the window display was amazing so I had to take a picture. (I'm still confused Breanna about the reflecting in the window thing...)

See? I told you their window was AHHMAZING!

We then hit up my favorite store. Francesca's! I got a super cute leopard print chiffon top and a winter dress coat!

We finished the evening with dinner and dessert at Nordstrom's Cafe, Yum-O! (Please excuse the picture of us looking like we want to hurt each other. We're still teaching out mom's how to use our cameras)

On the ride home the next day I took a break from sewing the first of many petals for my Galinda Bubble Dress and took a picture of some of the things I purchased.

I think I added two or three more rows of sequins after this picture was taken. But it's oh-so-pretty!

Picnik is so much fun ;)

I got new Sorel winter boots that I needed very badly. I out grew mine last year and never got around to getting new ones. "Umm, hey mom. Can I borrow your snow boots?"

I love Polar Bears.

I also needed new tennis shoes. My old ones were getting small (hmm after 3 years that might happen... But that's what you get when you stay between 4'9 and 5'1 for 3 years) After an unfortunate running incident at work weekend which involved me practically running (and not noticing that I was running) through a muddy/bog/swamp area where I landed promptly on my tush and up to my ankles in mud, my old shoes were history. Enter stage right new Nikes! They're pink, and polka dotted, and wonderful!

Sorry about so many Macro shots. I just realized that my camera takes amazing macro, and not so great (insert every other setting here) photos.

Alas, me staring out the window in some meloncholy state of mind... I was probably pretending I was in a movie of something.

That's all! If I don't get around to posting tomorrow (which let's face it, I rarely post when I tell you I will) hope ya'll have a wonderful Turkey Day!



p.s. Tutorial update: I'm working on one right now, I just need to purchase a few more things and figure out how to install a zipper. Then gather more paint chips from the hardware supply store. (Two separate tutes, don't worry I'm not going crazy and making a paint chip dress)

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