Friday, October 14, 2011

The Martha Stewart Column

Hi guys! Lately I've been in the homemaker mood and I thought I'd share a few of my recent projects with you.
    Is it weird that I'm planning for my firstborn already? Now before you're all like, "Is there anything you'd like to tell us, Breanna?" let's just clear the air. No. There is nothing I need to tell anyone. There is nothing strange for a seventeen year-old girl to plan for her first child just like there is nothing strange about two seventeen year-old girls to get together and dream about their weddings (which is exactly what Maddie and I do when we get together). As of now, I have everything planned for my wedding except for the groom. ;-) Now back to my firstborn. I just knitted a stuffed elephant for him or her. It really didn't turn out to look anything like the one in the picture on my pattern, but she's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. Babies don't care, right?

    I like to name all of my knitted creations, like you saw in my "Freaky Phone Socks" post, so meet Harriet.
She says it's her pleasure. Aw, isn't she polite?
    The pattern I used was from the book "Toys to Knit" and I don't know if I can do this, but I highly recommend buying it. The patterns are easy to follow and the projects are adorable!
    Next on my list is hummus. I was getting a haircut one day and I picked up an issue of "O Magazine". Flipping through the pages, my eye caught an article called "6 New Takes on Hummus- and How to Make Them at Home" Now, I don't usually like to promote Oprah and her plans to take over the world, but I was in desperate need of a good hummus recipe and when confronted with an opportunity, I just had to take advantage of it. The first recipe I tried was for cocoa hummus and that was a complete flop. Don't ever make it, it tastes awful. I won't even give you the link for the recipe, the stuff is so nasty. Look it up if you want, God forbid you ever make it for a party. People you thought were friends will try to kill you. The next recipe was for regular old hummus and it was pretty good. At first I subbed peanut butter for tahini and it was alright. You can do that in a pinch, but after I made it again with tahini I would never go back.
    Last but not least is shoe shining. About a year ago I splurged and bought my first pair of expensive shoes: Oxfords. They are real leather and I would have liked to keep them nice, but that just isn't possible when you wear them to school. Until I found a bag of shoe polish cans and buffers that must have been my grandpa's. The cans are so cool and antique-looking that I just had to take a picture.

Neat, am I right?
 Not only that, but the polish actually worked! Now my year-old shoes look brand-new! What more could you want?

    I hope you all are enjoying the fall weather! I loved hearing about Maddie's Homecoming experience. I'm so glad you didn't succumb to the grinding, Maddie, and the only thing I'd like to know is if there were a lot of "unflattering" dresses like there were at mine. Maddie and I had a conversation via Twitter and she suggested I wear a dress that I have that is reminiscent of something Kate Middleton might wear. I told her I didn't think it was trailer-trash enough and she told me to cut a slit up the back and I'd fit right in. Straight from the homeschoolers mouth. I also want to say that I wore my pair of nude heels, too!
    I hope you all had a fun Homecoming week and are looking forward to dressing up for Hallows Eve. There will probably be a post on that coming up. ;-)



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