Monday, October 10, 2011

I Could've Danced All Night

Well blog pals, homecoming is over :) And it was FUN!

This is my date and I. We look pretty swanky huh? I think we make a good looking couple ;) He was such a gentleman all night long, I don't think I touched one door handle all evening.

We went to dinner with my parents which was really nice. I didn't know how to pin on his boutonniere so the waitress did it for us. Then the pin was sticking out so once we got to the dance we took it out because it would've jabbed my in the face during slow dances. (Of which there were only 2, some song by Nickleback, and You and I by Lady Gaga) How either of those qualified as slow songs I'll never know, but oh well ;) The majority of the songs were hip hop and rap so you couldn't really dance to them unless you wanted to subject yourself to grinding which we both made clear was NOT going to happen. But there was a fair amount of pop music that we just danced around like crazy to. I even taught him the Cupid Shuffle! (Wait, there are still people who don't know this dance out there?!) I'd have to say the big hit of the night was Hey Ya! by Outkast (Nothing like throwing it back to the early 2000's :)) We called to get picked up early because some of the people there were getting a bit raunchy but by the time our ride got there the dance was on its last song. Our group was awesome to be with I loved meeting all of his friends :) All in all, I'd totally do it again! I felt like this afterwards...

(Too lazy to try and embed it right now)




  1. I applaud you in going against the flow, both in apparel and behavior. And to have a date that feels the same way is indeed something to be glad about. Good song, by the way. ;D

  2. Thanks for the comment! :) I think it's awesome that he felt the same way also, I couldn't have asked for a better date. Broadway music is wonderful isn't it?


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