Thursday, September 29, 2011

You've Been Invited...


Whoa. Did Maddie just say she was invited to Homecoming? Yes indeed I was by this fella right here.

That one who's about 10 shades tanner than everybody else... Jealous? Extremely.

My parents agreed with a few rules.

1) We have to be with a group

2) Homework on my end had to be done (I don't think they could really monitor if his is finished or not...)

3) We can't stay til the dance ends at 1 (Or maybe it's 2, but no matter I couldn't stay out that late if I tried!)

Here's what it looks like so far

1) He couldn't find a group that could agree on a place for dinner so we're going to dinner with my parents at a fancy restaurant here in town. Plus we'll be able to get great photos at the restaurant cause it's so pretty. We'll join up with a bunch of our friends that we know at the dance later on in the evening.

2) Well, homecoming is still 10 days away. I still have to do homework.

3) I mean I probably could stay out that late but I don't think he's as much of a night owl as I am and we have church in the morning.


I purchased a dress while shopping with Breanna. It was sparkly and gorgeous and white and did I mention sparkly? Then I tried it on when I got home and wow, even though it had a chiffon overlay and and white underlay the fabric was not very thick cause it was practically SHEER! *sobs a little*

Then while in Minneapolis over the weekend for the Desiring God conference my mom and I went to white house black market and she purchased a very sophisticated LBD (little black dress) for me. It was very pretty but I wasn't crazy about it plus it was a bit big and when a dress is strapless too big isn't a very good thing.

Then we stopped at a sweet little chain boutique called Francesca's (if you ever see one stop in!) and I found a cute one shoulder dress and had my mom return the others because not only were we saving a lot of money but I liked the dress more!
Then for shoes I have some wonderful nude heels (that Breanna and I both own!)

I also found some earring at Nordstroms that match perfectly with the crimson color on my dress, AND for only $6.00! (I can't find a picture of them right now)

That's pretty much all I have to report on as of now. There should be pictures taken homecoming night, probably of the traditional yet awkward Corsage and Boutonniere exchange. Which reminds me, I need to order him one and tell him to get a wrist corsage since the fabric of the dress wouldn't support it. Hmm... I'm rambling! Gah! Talk to you soon!


Madeline (One VERY excited girl!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nailed it!

Hey friends!

Last night my dad and I were having a 24 marathon and while Jack Bauer was saving the world I was painting my nails! I took the idea from how painters tape off the corners of a room or a specific area they don't want painted. So I did a base coat, some awesome gold glitter, waited til that dried, taped over the design I wanted then painted over it with two coats of Miami Beet by OPI. Sadly I'm not ambidextrous so only my left hand is painted... Maybe I'll attempt my right hand if I have a free 2 hours later ;) It would be super simple to do on a friend so when Breanna and I see each other next weekend guess what I'm doing? Surprise Breanna! You're getting a manicure ;) We'll have to take photos then post step by step instructions mmk?

Until next time!



Monday, September 5, 2011

Recap, I miss my mom!

Here are a few pics from the pool party I threw!

Tiki torches were scattered around the pool.
I think they were all commenting on my dog... Or they were really fascinated by the chair.

A party isn't a party without a ukulele right? ;) That's my youth pastors head in the corner.

The Michael W. Smith Concert!
The Michael W. Smith concert was awesome!
I threw a pool party in the middle of the month for any kids from my youth group to attend and they could bring friends. It was a bunch of fun and we had probably around 20-25ish kids. I learned that my camera is really only good for taking Macro shots or posed pictures. (Note the blurriness in all of them) We had cake and ice cream to celebrate my friends 18th birthday (Happy Birthday Ben!) and after we got out of the pool we danced a bit (Swing Dance!) and I learned the Pretzel! Whoo! I was able to use my amazing "Pretzel Skillz" later that weekend at a wedding :) I didn't get any chances to take pictures at Art Street but it was a bunch of fun (and HOT!) Iced Chai, beer battered cheese curds YUM! Afterwards my friend came over and was waiting for his ride home and we played catch for over and hour in the front yard. I'm trying to convince him to go out for his baseball team at school now ;)
The Michael W. Smith concert was amazing!  (Although the energy level at kamp was higher and the average age was lower. Haha!) I asked his tour crew to tell him his friend from Kanakuk was there but sadly he had to leave town right away afterwards so we didn't get to reminisce about stretching our calves together at Kamp... So sad.

I sent my mom to TX for her Birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) and I miss her like CRAZY!
So what have I been doing in my mothers short absence?
I've been doing homework, watching movies, baking brownies, realizing I forgot to add an ingredient into the mix, eating the brownies anyway (cause hey, a brownie's a brownie with or without the chocolate sauce) I cleaned the house, (including my room. WHOA!) did the laundry, picked 20 tomatos, read a book, made up a dance, went to a movie with friends (transformers 3, meh, don't waste 3 hours) watched as it unfolded before my eyes in S.L.O.W.M.O.T.I.O.N. as my friend spilled a bucket of popcorn on his lap, then shrugged, handed me the half filled bucket and ate it off his lap... (Hahaha!) gave directions, re-gave directions, watched a man carry a nerf gun into a bar that was next to the cinema and scratched my head, sang "Colors of the Wind", got "Colors of the Wind" stuck in my head, decided to learn the chords to "Colors of the Wind", found out I can hit Pochauntus' high note (if I actually sound good at it is a whole nother story ;)), went to DSW to look for some boots I saw last time I was there, almost cried when they aren't on the clearence rack anymore, realized my hair is really Blonde and got really excited, frowned when my dad asked me if my hair was orange, realized it was just the lighting in Best Buy (Phew!) learned how to attach a trailer hitch, learned how to attach a boat to a trailer hitch, took a nap, watched "The Notebook", decided I really hate romance movies, mocked the "I'm a bird" line, ate the last of the yogurt in the house, made a grocery list, added yogurt to that list, crafted a foolproof plan with Breanna so she will catch the bouquet at my wedding, (I'm not getting married anytime soon, no worries) and my mom has only been gone since Friday! GAHH! I still have till Thursday! Who knows what I'll accomplish! Craziness at its finest.

I could've made that a whole seperate blog post. Oh well!



Friday, September 2, 2011

What Ever Happened to That Thing You Were Going to Do?

... you know? That thing where you were going to post one picture every day during July? Yeah, well things happen, okay? Like Maddie almost taking a leave of absence to do schoolwork. And me actually taking a leave of absence to do... stuff. And, boy, was that stuff important! Who-ho-ho! Believe you me...
    Anyway, to distract from my pathetic excuses I will share with you some pictures I have taken recently of my ridiculously important life happenings. It may not be July anymore, but better late than never, right?

This is the row counter for a project I'm knitting... cute, eh? In case you're wondering, I did use marker of the permanent variety so it's on there forever.

This is a sunflower from our garden that kind of reminds me of Willow Smith.

A rare shot of Felix being still. He still looks crazy.

My purity ring on a pearl box given to me by my aunt.
Oh, and the same weekend I got that box we made these herb scones! Future blog post? I'll see if I can fit it into my very busy schedule. ;-)

    Oh the wonders of digital cameras! You don't even have to have talent anymore to take awesome pictures (me + disposable cameras = bad photos). Hope you enjoyed! I'll be looking forward to blogging again soon!