Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Walk Through History

    Hi everyone! Oh gosh, I don't even know where to begin to tell you about my vacation. I suppose I could start at the very beginning (a very good place to start), but I'd probably dwell on every little detail like they matter as much to you as they do to me. I'm sure you don't need to know about every little museum we visited and every tour we took, although I should warn you never to take more than one tour of DC per day because your brain will explode from all of the information. Then you will go walking around, mind numb, glancing at the pretty pictures and displays and not even bothering to look at the text below. Believe me, it happened more than once.
    But I will review some of the restaurants we tried. First night: Gadsby's Tavern.

Yeah, that's right. This is me. At the bar.

Really, really good food and wonderful service. Plus, it is in a three hundred year old building that people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson ate in! I would definitely recommend this place! But, if you're on a strict budget like we were I warn you it is very expensive. Twenty dollars MINIMUM for a plate. The rest of the week went like this (Rated from 1-10, ten being worst- thought I'd switch it up a little.): Taverna Cretekou (Greek): 3, Red Curry (Panasian): 5, Villa D'Este (Italian): 7, Ollie's Trolley (American): 2, Mai Thai (you guessed it): 4, Chez Andree (French): 4. I'd say the worst experience we had was at Villa D'Este. We ordered veal tortellini in a cream sauce to share and when we got it, the cheese on top was burnt and the tortellini tasted nasty. I'm not picky whatsoever (as you can tell, we tried to go to a different ethnic restaurant every night- I even wanted to have sushi on my birthday), but I just could not force myself to eat this food. Plus, it wasn't even busy and the waiters were rude. To make matters worse, we had to stare at this thing the whole meal.
A mural of a fat pegasus water fountain? But why?
    We stayed at this quaint little Best Western in Alexandria, Virginia. The employees were so friendly and helpful, there was a wonderful continental breakfast, a free snack room, and a free shuttle to take you wherever you needed to go within a five mile radius. We took the Metro everywhere and couldn't believe how easy it was.
    A couple of notable things happened during our ten day stay. My mom got interviewed by channel WDR 1. Never heard of the station before, but there was a mic and camera and everything! They even wanted to film my reaction to my mother's words. Just think, you are reading the words of a person with a famous face right now. (I just Googled WDR 1 and apparently it is a regional radio channel in Germany, but strangely the reporters were not German. Hmmm...) We met a long lost cousin of ours who works with Accuracy in Media (AIM) and she invited us to a dinner that they and the Heritage Foundation were holding for the interns one night. Cliff Kincaid, a journalist who also works with AIM, spoke, and so did the son and grandson of the late Reed Irvine, the man who founded the company. The talk was on how the media responds to President Obama versus how they responded to former president Ronald Regan and how they barely breathe a word of failure about the former. It was fascinating!
    On the 17th we went to Wicked at the Kennedy Center, which was WICKED! (A lot of pun intended =) The costumes and music and singing and acting and props and backgrounds were awesome! So basically it was all really cool. Go see it. If you have already, go see it again. Seriously. I now understand Maddie's massive obsession with it.

     A few notable (or noteless rather) people we saw were John Kerry, Harry Reid, and Rosa Rios (she's head of the Bureau of Engraving and Printed appointed by Obama and signs our money). Must've missed the week that Michelle Bachmann and John Boehner were there.
    Most of the week the weather was unreasonably hot, so to beat the heat we stayed inside nice air-conditioned museums like Newseum, Ford's Theater, Mt. Vernon, the American History Museum, and the Holocaust Museum.
Oh, and we bought cute hats!


P.S. I loved hearing all of your summer memories! This trip will definitely be one I will never forget.

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