Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Question of Crayfish

This past weekend I was up in Door County with some friends at their cottage, my friend and I had time to explore the small patch of woods next to their property and have an impromptu photo shoot.

Her brother catching a crayfish!


Attempting to balance on a log :)

I just HAD to get a jumping pic, apparently the month of tennis and CHEER didn't work to much because my high V is awful!

Thimble berries, mmm tasty :)

Babies Breath flowers, so pretty!

So this is was the flower on the pricker weed, it's super cool.

Daisy... One of my favorite flowers.

While on their boat my friend grabbed my camera and snapped a pic. I'm loving the wind-blown look ;)

I stole my camera back and it took a cool unfocused picture :)

I caught a FROG!

Chillin' in the hammock.

Back on dry land, I love this photo! It looks so much like a senior picture!

I also went and saw The Phantom of the Opera with a friend later that evening!

I think that's all!

I'm headed to Six Flags Great America tomorrow and am SOOO excited! It's the first time I'll be going on a "real roller coaster" and can't wait! I am hoping to take photos.

See you soon!



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