Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Time For Some Change... In Our Pockets!


    Lately I have been suffering from a severe bout of writer's block. Nothing is inspiring me. At first I thought the easy solution to that would be writing a blog post on writer's block, but that post would probably end before it started. So I decided to take a different route- ranting. (Forgive me, Maddie. I know we agreed to not going all political on our readers right off the bat, but I just can't help myself!) I've been reading a lot about the ins and outs of politics and economics lately and I have come to the conclusion that today's politicians don't have a clue when it comes to fiscal matters. If you must know (although you can probably tell by my Twitter username... and everything else I've ever written) I am a conservative. In saying that, however, I do not think that I am being biased in saying that politicians nowadays don't have a clue! I mean, come on, I even get it on a fairly basic level! It's simple: stop spending where we don't need to and stop interfering in the private sector! You'd think it would be a wake-up call when the United States, superpower of the world, is downgraded to a AA credit rating. Seriously. And what makes me even MORE mad is that everyone on the planet seems blind to this. Conservatives blame Liberals for not understanding our problem and in return Liberals criticize Conservatives for everything they do, but nobody is doing anything! No amount of mudslinging on anyone's part is going to fix this mess.
    I just finished Going Rogue by Sarah Palin and I know that you're rolling your eyes right now, but she actually has some very good ideas. She actually pulled Alaska back in the right direction after a corrupt- Republican no less- administration. She cut almost all of the perks of being a governor (cars, chefs, etc.) because she believed that if all of the other citizens of Alaska were going to have to tighten their belts, so was she. And on-shore drilling is a great thing! Instead of relying on countries that hate us to provide oil, could we not just depend on our own resources? Now, I don't think that she should be president. I take 1 Timothy 2:12 seriously when it says that women should not assume authority over men, but in my humble opinion she could and should have a roll in the administration. Same thing for Michelle Bachmann- I was thrilled at the Iowa Straw Poll results, though! And if Governor Perry could get so many votes without being on the ballot, I think that is a very good sign! Washington D.C. is in for some change this next year and they won't come in the form of socialist agendas rammed down out throats.

    So this is how I feel about this matter. How about you? Leave a comment and please be respectful.



Perry loves music! Remember?...

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