Friday, August 26, 2011

Gearin' Up!

Hey pals!

Sorry I've been gone! After the Six Flags trip life got kinda crazy! I was able to go on 3 HUGE roller coasters, and I'm happy to report that I only hyperventilated before one of them. (What? It was my first big roller coaster ever) I didn't get very many pictures sadly but I did get a cool picture of the giant carousel!

You're probably wondering what "Gearin' Up" means... Well I shall tell you!

In November (18th and 19th to be more specific) I am going to a craft boutique to run my own tables and now I've started my crazy crafting process. Plus I've started school, so if I'm absent from the blog for a bit that's why. (This short post has taken me 4 days to write, can you tell I'm busy? Haha)

Summer is almost over... Can you believe it? Man it's passed so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was on my flight to Kanakuk and next Thursday is September already. It makes me want to cry. But I'm hoping to fit in a few last final hurrahs. Tomorrow I'm going to a Michael W. Smith concert (note to self: wear Kanakuk shirt like he requested) and I hope I can get some cool photos from that. Sunday I'm attending Artstreet with a group of friends so I should get cool pics and Monday, my friend is trying to organize a group of people to head up to a beach for the day. Which if that works I should also get pics. Man I need to start remembering I have a blog I should get photos for. I've been so bad at that.

Other than that there isn't much new, weather is cooling down. So sad, I wish the weather could stay nice for a long time. Cause I know in 3 months from now there will probably be 6-18 inches of snow on the ground. Ick. Maybe I'll just pickup and move to TX where the weather is almost always warm. Plus I hear they have a pretty awesome Gov ;) (Vote Perry 2012!) (What? I have relatives who live in TX I'm kinda bias...) Well, I think that's it.

Summer please stay <3


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