Thursday, August 4, 2011

Freaky Phone Socks

    The other day I was helping at my public library's knitting class and one of their projects was to make hand puppets. I was supposed to be supervising, but since I like reliving my youth whenever possible (today I went to see Whinnie the Pooh in theaters- by myself) I made one, too. That's O'Connell there on the right. My Knit Wit (the name of our teen knitting club) friends and I named it after the dude in The Mummy. What a wonderful man... Anyway, when I brought him home my mom was like, "Hey! That looks like a phone sock!" So we tested it out and it worked- not to mention it was extremely cute! The night before we left for D.C. I stayed up until midnight creating the little monster in the middle, Celia, for my mother. Who cares if I had to wake up at five the next morning? Not I.
    On our trip, my mom got so many compliments that I decided to share my secret of success with you!
    This project doesn't require a ton of yarn, or even any particular kind, so if you have enough to knit a 12 1/4 in x 5 1/4 in (approx 31 cm x 13 cm) rectangle, you'll be fine. Adjust the measurements as needed to fit your phone. Keep in mind that you should knit the rectangle so that it is a little longer than your phone because you will be making a hem at the bottom.
    Use size 8 needles (5 mm) to cast on the long side (12 1/4 in). Knit until the rectangle is about 5 1/4 inches long. If you want, you can alternate rows of knits and pearls to make the sock a bit more fancy (in the middle of Celia you can see two pearled rows). Once the rectangle is the right size, cast off. Fold up both short ends about a half an inch to form a hem and sew down. Fold 12 inch side in half and sew together only the two long sides to form a pocket.

    You're done with the body! Now go crazy! Use extra buttons lying around (preferably large ones) for eyes. Use different colored yarn to sew on a triangular nose or just use a triangular button like I used for O'Connell. Add a mouth if you wish. You can use any technique and yarn you want to make hair. Do fringe or just a really loose overcast stitch (see far left sock above).

Or even tie together a ponytail or two to sew on and add a rose or a button for a hair tie (see Celia). Let your imagination run wild! Happy knitting!



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