Friday, July 22, 2011

Think Pink!

(Side Note: As I'm typing this I am googling "cleaning and organization tips" and being slightly distracted by my hot pink glittery nails.)
 Whoa! I finially caved and purchased one of those neat-o Sally Hansen nail sticker kits in Pink Sparkle (for the record it's #250 "Bling It On" but who's really paying attention ;) I applied them yesterday and hopefully they'll stick for the wedding I'm attending this weekend where I'll be wearing a hot pink polka dot dress!
Yes, this is the actual dress I'm wearing! It's from Delia's (one of my favorite stores) It's such a cute dress, the fabric is really nice and it has pockets! It's very Kate Spade don't you think?
Well, here's a very good cleaning tip. "Clean as if you were moving to another place, leave only the stuff you need." Okay... Well, old band concert program, I can toss that into the recycling bin... Water bottle, same fate as the band program... Sparkly tulle... Hmmm *Sets in the craft pile* Seriously, there's no way I'm getting rid of that! Random sock with no match. Garbage... Postcard, do I really need it? No? Okay, recycling bin. If it's really that simple why does it take me a year to clean my room? (Some exaggeration was used in that previous sentence)
But then I'm faced with an even more difficult problem. Books. I have so many books! I looooove reading and they pile up on my desk (because the actually book shelf where they belong is filled with other things) so having to put books away would require cleaning off the book shelf... Oy Vey. Looks like I'm in for a long day. I'm including a before shot of my desk... Ikik, it's horridly messy. Hopefully I can update the post with an "After" Picture...
 Hope all is well with you my friends!

Madeline (Gone Cleaning ;)

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