Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kamper of the Year Episode 2: The CHALLENGE!

Hey Blog Pals!
    Oh. My. Goodness! Since I've last written (and I've last typed) so much has happened! On Monday, my Kabin went on a trip to K-Wet which is where you go and spend two days and one night doing a challenge course, boating, wake boarding, water skiing, or doing the high ropes course. My whole Kabin was not very excited for the challenge course but were told we were going second. (Uh-oh.) After we spent the morning and early afternoon on the ski boats it was time to face our doom. (:-O) Our Kabin set the goal of finishing by dinner. ("Mom! I'm going to go physically challenge myself on an intense course!"  "Sure, Honey. But be home for dinner!) First up was the scaling wall. We quickly decided on the order we would go in. I was third to last with two girls to boost me over. They decided to lift me like a flyer in cheer, which is fine because I am one. I stepped into their hands and on the count of three they boosted me, but instead of boosting me they basically tossed me over since I'm so tiny. (Is that a fat joke? Way to rub it in.) Then we had the trust fall where you fall off a platform into the arms of your Kabin-mates which went very fast. After that we had to get every girl over a log suspended ten feet in the air. It was attached to wire so it swung back and forth! (Yikes!) The fourth event we had to get everyone over "The SPOOL" *cue echo*. It's like a giant spool (I knew it!) that you have to climb over but it's on a stand and it spins! Right away after that we went on a mile or two run while the whole cabin carried a big wooden cross. It was so cool! Then we had to arrange ourselves in a certain order without talking, then swim across the lake and back. We found out that not only did we break that summer's record, but we broke the all time record! (Well done, grasshopper.) We did the whole course in 36 minutes and 14 seconds!
    When we got back from the trip, tribal Karnival started! Tribes are something we have at Kamp where they split the girls who are here their first year into tribes. You're either a Kiowa or a Kickapoo, and I'm a Kiowa. You compete against each other in sporting events and Karnival. The Kiowa's theme this year was Kiowa Sportscenter. Remember that post I wrote about flash-mobs? (Now you do.) Well my dream has come true! (Great, I'm glad someone has fulfilled that dream. Not that I'm bitter or anything... humnahumna humna...) Not only was I in one, I planned it! It was to Waka Waka and it was so much fun! I think someone filmed it, so when I get home I'll ask my Kamp buds to e-mail it to me.
    Well, it's time for me to sign out! Miss y'all!

<3 [& =)]

Madeline [& Breanna]

P.S. I heard a rumor... that BREANNA'S BIRTHDAY is coming up on the 17th! (All lies. Lies, lies, lies.)
P.P.S. We both hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! Don't every forget the brave men and women who died for our freedom!

I think I speak for all of us, Maddie  

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