Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

... helps the medicine go down.

   I received a piece of news from Maddie yesterday and she said she's had a nasty cough ever since she went to camp. Would you pray for her? There has also been an outbreak of lice and pink eye, and she said her cabin is the only one where nobody has contracted the diseases. Pray for a hedge of protection around them so that it stays that way! They came up with a couple of cheers, though:

Keep your head away from me!
Lice free! Lice free!
That's the way we like to be!

Maybe it's working after all...



P.S. Praise the Lord that Governor Dayton and the Republicans finally came to an agreement and today is the last day of the government shutdown in Minnesota!

P.P.S. Tomorrow my mom and I are leaving for Washington DC! Prayers are appreciated!

Get crackin'! There's a lot of praying to do!

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