Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farmers Market

Yesterday I had my first ever adventure at a Farmers Market!
It was so much fun!

There was a Hulu Hoop stand and some of my friends decided to take advantage of the "Try Me!" Hula Hoops, I was the official purse holder/photographer as they enjoyed hula hooping to some top 40 hits :)

There was an antique store on the street where the farmers market was being held and I couldn't resist going in, there were so many amazing treasures waiting to be discovered inside! I stumbled upon this vintage scarf in a huge pile of stuff and just had to snatch it up! The print for being vintage is still very modern and has some great colors in it (it's more of a pink than a red, the lighting was funky when I took the photo) I'm sure I'll get lots of great use out of it for the rest of the summer and even going into Fall!

I also found this stunning vintage brooch which will make a great addition to my brooch collection! There's something "Glinda-esque" about it... It reminds me of her wand!

Most of the vendors had flowers for very low prices (this one was on the upper end but still ONLY 8 dollars!) but this bouquet was by far my favorite! The picture doesn't do it justice, there are lily's sun flowers, baby's breath, and tons of other flowers I can't name. I felt like Miss America walking around with this huge bouquet in my arms!

Cake pops, mmmm! Note that the other one I purchased isn't pictured... Because I already had eaten it at that point!
I wish I had taken more photos while at the farmers market, but I believe I'm going back next week so I'll have more opprotunities to take pictures!



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