Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I was asked by my mother to make chocolate dipped strawberries this time around for her CAbi hostess preview party, so I set to work right away!

Don't the strawberries look so tasty and fresh? Yum-O! They are easily one of my favorite summer treats!

Only the best chocolate! Seroogy's chocolate has the best chocolate for melting and it is heavenly!

The white chocolate all melted and looking tasty... It's an action shot, because as you can see I'm stirring it rapidly trying to make sure every bit is melted before I start the dipping process.

Now not only are they dipped in this photo but they are drizzled too! Not quite finished yet! I still need to add the second chocolate drizzle and let them set.

Here's the finished product, Dark Chocolate Strawberry drizzled with milk and white chocolate. They are oh so de-lish!

I had one extra white chocolate strawberry so instead of drizzling it with chocolate I dipped either side in dark, then took my piping bag of chocolate (aka a ziploc bag with a hole snipped in it ;)) Put two little dots for buttons and a bowtie too!

Hope you enjoyed my weekend project! I'm kinda in the style mogul mood right now so I think I might do a fashion post soon :)



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  1. We should make some of these up for the next CAbi party! The tux-ed strawberry is so adorable!


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