Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forget About Summer Solstice, Let's Have a CAbi Party!

Notice: Wait, haven't we done this title before? Not quite. The title says "Forget About Summer Solstice", not Halloween....Okay, the real story is I have adolescent Alzheimer's and completely forgot about Maddie's post title. So, no, this is not some blatant mockery of my best friend's brilliant hard work, but, no, I'm not going to change it. How about we forget the title of this and just read on, eh?

    Happy first day of summer people! The sun is shining (in certain parts of the world) the birds are singing and everything is beautiful! However, it feels like rain in my corner of the world today. At least that's what the weatherman says, but they have been known to be wrong before.
    Any minute Maddie's mother will be here with racks and racks of CAbi sample clothing to sell on our boulevard. It'll be like having a crazy days sale at my house. Excitement! Except Maddie won't be here because she had to go to camp.
... traitor.
    Somehow I don't think it will be the same vlogging with her mom...
    No, it will be great hanging out with the moms for the next couple of days!
    I'll try to put up as many posts as I can over the next month sans the other half of the Ninny Muggins. I do warn you, though, that I'll be gone for ten days over the time of my 17th birthday (Yikes! 17 on the 17th!). This also calls for a little excitement on my part, because while we are there we will be going to the production of Wicked for the first time! I've heard nothing but good about this musical from my two-time Wicked-crazy blog partner, so my expectations are high.

Have a stupendous summer!



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