Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Madeline: Kamper of the Year

    Hey blog pals!
    Long time, no post. It's Maddie writing, but Breanna typing. She will be my willing ambassador to you this next month (more like ambassador in chains- Ha! Get it?! Like Paul... in Ephesians... No? ...Okay.) If you are dreadfully confused at this point, please press 1.
    I am chilling on my bunk at kamp (if you were wondering why we keep spelling camp with a "k" click on that; it's not just because we're hooked on phonics) with five huge fans blowing HOT air on me. Man, it's uber hot here in the Ozarks!
    Breanna tells me we have new followers (Hehehe- I told her we had 437 new followers because of some impressively stimulating blog post I wrote.), so I'd like to give ya'll a HUGE WELCOME! *streamers and balloons go off while an orchestra plays a Sousa march* (This is all for you, Meg. Feel special. Seriously, though thank you! We've been the only ones who follow our blog for a while now. Don't judge.) Thank you so much for following us! It means a lot! (It really does.) Please leave comments, 'cause we love them! (We really do.)
    "So Maddie, what's new?" you ask.
    Well, friends, I'm here at Kamp having a blast, praising the Lord, improving my tennis game, making new friends, going to a LeCrae concert... nbd.
    Wait, hold up! Yes, I just said Le Crae, what? Some of y'all don't know who he is? Well, LeCrae is an awesome Christian rapper who has an amazing testimony and a killer voice. You should all look up some of his music right now! (There, I did it for you so you have no excuse not to listen to it. It is really good! I would suggest Jesus Muzik and Don't Waste Your Life for starters.) Maybe when I get home I'll post a video I took!
    My counselors are a blast, and love Jesus with all their heart and have been really encouraging me in my walk with Christ.
    I'm really sorry I didn't post my costumes. I was literally sewing on my way to the airport! I also have a surprise interview I'll be posting when I get home. I meant to post it before I left, but there's a crazy story about paramecium (sound's like a crazy subject), a talent show, hand sanitizer and a bio test that would just take waaaay too long to explain.
    Well my friends, free time is almost over. I'm praying for y'all! Miss you!

<3 [& =)]

Madeline (& Breanna)

    Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter trials of various kinds. Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have [its] perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.
~James 1: 2-4

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flog the Counterculturalist!

    My name is Breanna A and I haven't logged onto Facebook in over ten months.

    I'm sure you're all well acquainted with the popular social network, Facebook. It is a tool we usually use to procrastinate and end up wasting hours and hours looking at "friends'" status updates and all of the other junk in our feeds. "Do you think Suzy Smith is cute? Click here to unlock Horace's answer." NOBODY CARES! "Fran 'Popular Snob' McKay wants to be friends with you." Why? We never even make eye contact in school and I'm still not over you calling me Puke-Face in third grade. And I hate how you can click on "See Friendship" and see the history of comments and photos of you and your friend together as if that's what your whole relationship consists of. It's so superficial!
    Okay, so part of the reason I'm so bitter is this: I thought I had deleted my account last year, but today I found out that they only deactivated it. I only wanted to discreetly make an account under an alias so I could like a page I needed to for this musical I'm in this summer. But when I tried to create an account using the same e-mail I used with my old account, it told me that there was still one associated with it. Then I signed in using my old e-mail address and password and sure enough: "Welcome back! Thank you for reactivating your account!" No, thank you for not listening to me when I said I wanted to DELETE MY ACCOUNT! 
    One thing I don't agree with is that instead of putting the necessary information about costumes and practice dates on the community theater website so everyone can see it, they put it on their Facebook page. What about those of us who don't have Facebook? And how about those who's parents won't allow them to have one? You're going to make them go against their parent's wishes? It just isn't right.
    So this is my futile attempt at protesting the "norm". A lone voice crying out in the wilderness. I'm not saying that Facebook is the tool of the devil or anything, I'm just saying that it shouldn't be abnormal to not have one. I have a dream that one day, people without Facebook accounts will walk proudly and unscathed among those with Facebook accounts.



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The DC Experience

    Right now there are three things that I am obsessed with:


Family Ties,

and planning for the trip my mom and I will be taking to Washington DC this summer. At the moment we plan to go sightseeing the first full day, see Wicked two days later, take a tour of the White House one of the days, go to Mt. Vernon and maybe Monticello another day, tour Fords Theater, go to at least two of the Smithsonian museums and take a bus tour of Arlington Cemetery. I've been studying our tour book to find some good restaurants to go to, but if you live in the DC area or have been there and know of a really good place to eat downtown or in Old Alexandria I'd love to hear from you. I'm still working on mapping out the exact itinerary, but all I know is that I'm going to have to put some downtime in there somewhere or I'll be ready to punch someone in the face by the end of our trip.
   My mom and I have never taken a real family vacation before, and since we've been studying American history this year and I only have two years left of high school, we thought it would be a great opportunity to visit our nation's capital. It's even better that it's the year before the presidential election! I mean wouldn't it be great if there just happened to be a Tea Party or a protest on the White House lawn while we were there? ;-) All the history around there is so fascinating! It's really a place where the past and present come together. As much fun as it would be to live in a different country, I feel that I would miss our government system too much. Ever since I was little I've dreamt of being involved in politics and it just wouldn't be the same anywhere else. Firstly, I wouldn't know the system as well, and secondly I'm so very proud of my country after living here all my life that I'd feel like I'd be betraying a huge part of me.

So if you have any suggestions of restaurants, museums, anything cool that I didn't mention and just can't miss out on, please, please, PLEASE e-mail me at the address linked to "hear from you" above!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forget About Summer Solstice, Let's Have a CAbi Party!

Notice: Wait, haven't we done this title before? Not quite. The title says "Forget About Summer Solstice", not Halloween....Okay, the real story is I have adolescent Alzheimer's and completely forgot about Maddie's post title. So, no, this is not some blatant mockery of my best friend's brilliant hard work, but, no, I'm not going to change it. How about we forget the title of this and just read on, eh?

    Happy first day of summer people! The sun is shining (in certain parts of the world) the birds are singing and everything is beautiful! However, it feels like rain in my corner of the world today. At least that's what the weatherman says, but they have been known to be wrong before.
    Any minute Maddie's mother will be here with racks and racks of CAbi sample clothing to sell on our boulevard. It'll be like having a crazy days sale at my house. Excitement! Except Maddie won't be here because she had to go to camp.
... traitor.
    Somehow I don't think it will be the same vlogging with her mom...
    No, it will be great hanging out with the moms for the next couple of days!
    I'll try to put up as many posts as I can over the next month sans the other half of the Ninny Muggins. I do warn you, though, that I'll be gone for ten days over the time of my 17th birthday (Yikes! 17 on the 17th!). This also calls for a little excitement on my part, because while we are there we will be going to the production of Wicked for the first time! I've heard nothing but good about this musical from my two-time Wicked-crazy blog partner, so my expectations are high.

Have a stupendous summer!



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sneak Preview!

So I decided I would quickly post a sneak preview of my mermaid costume! Enjoy!


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Reckless Abandon...

My friends, I am so sorry I have abandoned you for so long. Things on my end have been crazy with recital, end of the year youth group, dance pictures, getting ready for Kanakuk etc... And I'm afraid from here on out it will only get worse. I leave in 11 days and will be gone for a month! I have total and complete trust in the other half of the ninny muggins though (so Breanna, don't let the folks down mmk?) I will try to get photos up of some of the costumes I'm making but no promises. I was trying to decide if I want to have a guest blogger take my place but then we'd have to go through introductions and all that craziness so I think I'm thinking I'll just write Breanna tons this year from Kamp and do a hand written post that she can put online :) If you want to keep up-to-date on all things Kanakuk while I'm away check out! :) I will miss you all and if you leave us comments I'm sure Breanna would print them out and send then to me (you would Breanna, right?) Maybe I'll make her print out her blog posts while I'm away too... ;)

I will miss you all!


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