Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

Hello blog friends!

The question of the weekend... Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

I did watch it, but not live. I really wanted to get up but I didn't like the 3 am wake up call that would go along with it. So I watched the recaps that have been running 24/7 since the Royal event. So here's my two "pence"

1.) Kate nailed the dress.  

I think Kate looked absolutely STUNNING in her dress, very modest, very appropriate, and it will be a dress people will be copying for years to come. A perfect dress for a Princess!

2.) The music was fabulous!

I have no idea what music was played but I loved the song Kate walked down the aisle to, please, if you know the "Royal Wedding Playlist" leave a comment and let me know! 

3.) The kiss was sweet!

Short but sweet, very appropriate!

4.) Mad as a HATTER!
I'm totally planning on bringing crazy hats back to the U.S! Anyone with me?

Princess Euginie and Princess Beatrice stole the morning with their hats.

Queen Elizabeth, very classy. Yellow is a huge color for spring, and the beading/roses added just enough "bling" without taking away from Kate!

The Spencers, Williams cousins, Amelia, Eliza, and Kitty. I rather like their hats!

Princess Letizia :) I think her pink outfit/hat is pretty!

David and Victoria Beckham! I love Victoria's hat, very fierce, just like her, and that top hat is just so awesome. He's also really cute. Hello Handsome!

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Amazing hat structure.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, I love love love this hat. I really like how it looks like a headband!

These are just a few of the HUNDREDS of hats at the wedding, every woman was required to wear one! I still am trying to figure out how in the world they get those hats to stay on! Many of the more "publicized" hats were designed by milliner Philip Treacy

That's all for now folks!  See ya later!

Great touch added for the license plate! "Ju5t Wed!"



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