Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Post Prom Post

    Well, hello there! (in the words of Madeline Weinstein) Last night I, Breanna, went to prom. And I have to say- I had a blast. I am also proud to say that I only spent $9.00 on my dinner at the infamously pricey Signatures (including tax). Okay, I'm done boasting.
    I don't know if I would say it was at all magical. It definitely isn't the dramatic mess that it is sometimes portrayed to be. I'd say it was just another over-decorated dance. Not to sound like a pessimist or anything, I'm just saying it's nothing to get too hyped up about.
    The gym was decorated with white and yellow balloons, twinkling lights, cute balloon hard-candies and painted paper plate lollipops. There were even Wonka chocolate bars on the tables around the dance floor(Yes, win!). The whole idea actually turned out much better than I had originally thought.
    All in all, though, I had a really good time getting all dressed up and eating caviar and smoked salmon on rye and dancing my shoes off (and practically my dress... stupid double tape)! And I do believe I promised some pictures in my last post, so here they are:


My mom is really weird when it comes to poses.
This is me staring off into space/rolling my eyes.

Meet my friend, Rachel. This is us displaying our corsages.

And this was the dance floor in the middle of our gym.
This picture was taken during a slow dance-my only
opportunity to take pictures- the rest of the time my friends
 and I were out there dancing like banshees.

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