Saturday, May 28, 2011

Forget Halloween! I'll Wear The Costumes Now!

If any of our readers attended kamp with me last year you'll remember how crazy about the amazing costume parties I am. Seriously... I love making costumes! Last summer at kamp they had a party themed "After Dark in the Ark" This is where the real party animals come out! I decided I was going to be a peacock! I cut apart an old dance costume, made gloves out of the sleeves, put together a POOFY tutu added tons of peacock feathers and this was the final product! (You can't see the back of my head but I had pinned about 10 feathers in it)

This summer the parties are..
Justice League
Batman, Superman, The Hulk, and Ironman have nothing on this K2 party! We have superheroes like you have never seen before. Come to K2 this summer for a party that will make you fight the bad guys and realize how good you look in a cape. Break out the capes, masks and your best superhero outfit and you will be ready to go for this night! We need all the superheroes to unite so we can dominate this party

Club Deuce
Ever want to go back in time? Well, this summer we are going to take a spin through every decade! We will be dancing our way through the 50’s and their poodle skirts, the 70’s and the tie-dye sensation, and even the 90’s with all your favorite boy bands! But it’s not just those 3 decades, we will be hitting every decade in between. So come dressed for any decade you want! Go dig into your grandparents’ closet for their best polyester outfits. Your parents probably have some great 80’s prom attire. Whatever decade you pick, just make sure you go all out for it! This party is going to last awhile…about 6 decades!

X-Games have nothing on K2 Summer 2011! Gear up for this party by sporting your most extreme gear. You can go safari like Bear Grylls, total snowboarder like Shaun White, or completely extreme in anything. At K2 this summer extreme will completely blow your mind! You will be trained and challenged in extreme games and maybe even have X-Games of our own. So come dressed as ANYTHING extreme…think helmets, knee pads, neon, crazy hair wigs, camo…anything extreme works for this crazy party!

Redneck Olympics

Where’d I put those overalls? We hope you can find them because these Olympics will have no fancy ski suits, sparkly gymnast tights or nike goggles. For these Olympics you need your best straw hat, overalls and country boots. You can come dressed as the Clampits or come dressed as a southern belle. Whatever you wear just make sure it is down home country and ready to do some Olympic sports like you have never seen!

Most of you have probably heard of Atlantis. The secret island underwater or the 5 star resort; but most of you have probably never heard of Lamplantis. Lampe has now discovered that there is a secret underwater world and this summer the horrible molemen will come to take over the beautiful Lamplantis. So come dressed to be a part of Lamplantis by sporting your best resort attire, underwater scuba diver, or geeky treasure hunter. This 5 star kamp is waiting for you!

Sounds like a blast huh? Well I'll let you in on a few of my costume secrets!
Justice League - I'm hoping to make an incredibles costume!
Club Deuce - I'm going 80's all the way!
K-Extreme - If all goes as planned (aka I need to find a khaki cargo shirt and shorts) I'll be going as the Crocodile Hunter! G-Day mate!
Redneck Olympics - Not 100% sure on this costume yet... Probably my red cowboy boots with jean shorts and a cowboy hat... Suggestions are welcome!
Lamplantis - This one will take more time and effort if I go through with my costume idea... A mermaid! *sings part of your world* I'm obviously not going to go for the crazy skimpy mermaid... That's just unattractive (And sooo not k-rated) I bejeweled a blue tank top and I have an idea for a skirt (umm I mean TAIL!) As I put together the costumes I'll try to take pics and post them!

With Kamp only about 1 month away I have to start soon!
Until next time!
p.s. sorry for the lack oh photos in this post... Yes I know, photos make everything more interesting...

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! But, *tsk* *tsk* One picture. How am I supposed to pay attention to words without pictures? ;)
    ... your parents have some great 80s prom attire. How about OUR parents and their groovy 70s prom attire. It's all about the muslin and tea staining, baby! lol


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