Friday, May 13, 2011

A Commendable Feat

    Guess what I did this weekend! Go on, just guess... you'll never guess- MY MOM AND I SURPRISED MADDIE ON HER BIRTHDAY! I know, I know, hold the applause. Aw, this is just embarrassing.
    This is how it all went down: about six months ago we collabbed with Madeline's mom to create a master plan on how to carry out this phenomenon. It involved us driving five hours to her house, whispered phone calls from bathrooms, and parking a block from her house until just the right moment. How we kept this secret from the Master Snoop I have no idea, but as soon as my mother and I reached our destination and realized how momentous this really was, these were our faces:

Ignore the fact that I look like I'm going to kill someone.

    And I guess Maddie was pretty excited when she found us standing at her doorstep, too. She even liked the gift we gave her! I found this incredible book called Knit Your Own Royal Wedding and knew this must have been made especially for my best friend. It even comes with a paper balcony for the dolls to stand on. Let me tell you, it's pretty adorable. Also, I gave her a CD and book of French phrases and a bookmark.

Look familiar? It's kind of hard to see, but it says
Keep calm and have a cupcake

    Then we packed the weekend to the gills. Friday night we went to a Gamblers game (my first- SIEVE! SIEVE! SIEVE!- Gamblers won 4-1 against the Cedar Rapids Roughriders) and then to Coldstone in honor of the victory.
This is the Gambler's mascot, Ace. He was very nice,
even for a human.
Madeline, reveling in her seventeen year-old power.
    On Saturday we painted the downstairs of her church in the morning, shopped in the afternoon, and had one of her friends, Lillianna, over to watch The King's Speech. Then, after church on Mother's Day we went to Curly's Pub and the Packer's Hall of Fame underneath Lambeau Field.

...And again, Madeline reveling in power

Lombardi was given the keys to three cities, two of
which are Atlantis and Jersey Shore.
    We ended the wonderful visit by going to see Soul Surfer. It was a really good movie and it even inspired Maddie and I to take up surfing. That was only because having an accident and becoming world-famous one footed tap dancers didn't seem like it would work out. Oh, and we also choreographed a dance to Till the World Ends, which may or may not be coming out in video form in the not-so-near future. I know, I hate having to be so vague, but we haven't even finished the dance yet. I can promise you it's pretty amazing, though.

    We hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

A congratulatory telegram to Vince Lombardi from his mom



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