Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baking for Dummies (by dummies)

    Hi everyone! Welcome to Baking for Dummies! Today we'll be making carrot cupcakes with walnuts and REAL carrot shavings. Now, we use the word "cupcake", but don't be fooled; these suckers can also be served for brunch.
    You'll need:

    ~ carrot cake cake mix
    ~ water, oil, and eggs in amounts specified on the box
    ~ 1 large carrot
    ~ 1 cup walnuts (optional)
    ~ large bowl
    ~ electric mixer and beaters
    ~ wooden spoon
    ~ muffin tins
    ~ paper cupcake liners
    ~ a spoon
    ~ an oven mitt
    ~ an oven
    ~ hands

    Set oven to 350 degrees so you don't forget to do it later. Trust me, it just works better. To prepare, put a paper cupcake liner in each one of the cups of the muffin tin and grate the carrots and chop the walnuts. You can chop them however small you want, it's up to you. Hey, if you want to just skip the chopping and throw the whole nut in there, it's your preference. However, keep in mind that cracked nuts are much easier to eat.

   In a large bowl, thoroughly mix cake mix, water, oil and eggs. Notice the minuscule specks of orange floating in the mixture. Those, my friends are what the folks at Betty Crocker call carrot shavings. Now compare them to your lovely pile of shaved carrots and shake your head in sympathy. Once all the lumps have disappeared in the batter, add the carrots and walnuts. You may want to mix them in with a wooden spoon instead of a mixer so the carrots don't get mushy.
    Now, take your handy-dandy spoon and fill the muffin tins about half full and stick them in the oven to bake for about 25-30 minutes (double-check the directions on the back of the box, I am not 100% sure on this). You may want to check in on the cupcakes every once in a while because the times on the box aren't always correct. Nobody knows your oven better than you... unless you never use it. In which case it's even more imperative that you check on them.

    If you want to frost the cupcakes, this is an opportune time to make the frosting. It just so happens that Maddie has an amazing recipe for cream cheese frosting. Warning: If you're on a diet, this is NOT a good recipe for you.
    You will need:
    ~ 1 eight ounce pack of cream cheese (room temperature)
    ~ 2 cups powdered sugar
    ~ 2 sticks butter (...and this is why it's so darn good)
    ~ 1 teaspoon vanilla
    ~ small bowl
    ~ electric mixer

    Mix together and VOILA! you have the world's tastiest frosting. Once your cupcakes are done, take them out with your oven mitt protecting your precious hand (wow, that was creepier than it should have been) and let them cool for about five minutes. Then you may begin frosting your masterpieces.

Bon appetit!

Then enjoy!



Of course we forgot to take a picture of the
finished product, but this is what we wish
they looked like.


  1. Very good! It's making me crave the cupckaes now! Don't forget though folks... The butter should be room temperature too!

  2. Oh yes! And her I thought I had covered all of the bases. Definitely going to make these again soon!


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