Wednesday, April 20, 2011


    What do you think of when you see that word? Fun with friends? A high school sweetheart? Ugly dresses? Becoming prom royalty? Awkward slow dances?

    Was it really as memorable as everybody said it would be?

    This year I was invited by a bunch of my friends. We'll be going to the grand march, then out for dinner at a ridiculously expensive restaurant, then back to our school for the dance. Yes, back to the school. My school is small and doesn't put much of their funds towards silly things like dances. The entire thing (except for dinner) will take place in the elementary school's gym, because it is the only room with a stage that is large enough to hold a dance in our town. Oh, and the theme is Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Romantic, eh? In the words of Rebecca Black, this should be "Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun."
    Since I'm a sophomore and I have two years of this left, I would really like to get by as cheaply as I possibly can.

    A huge thank you to two of my friends (Rachel, and none other than our very own Maddie) and their sisters who were willing to offer me six dresses in beautiful condition to choose from! I loved all of them, and have my junior and senior dresses planned out, but like I said, I'm only a sophomore and I think it would be more appropriate to dress a little less formally this year. I bought my dress at a lovely little consignment store called Vintage Vogue. It's 50s style, strapless, and iridescent minty green. The skirt is ballet length and there is a bow sewn to the upper bodice. (I'll post a picture after prom since the only time we seem to take pictures in my house is for special occasions.) With only a few minor adjustments it'll be ready to wear to prom, and the best part is that it was only $30! I also bought a $20 crinoline to wear under the skirt to make it fuller.

Dress~ $50
Shoes~ $0 I have a pair that match my dress in my closet. hehehe

    Makeup will be done by the fine ladies of the Clinique counter at the mall. There's also a cosmetology school nearby and they only charge $21 to do your hair for special occasions, so that's what we'll be doing. What's the difference, right?

Hair~ $21
Makeup~ $0

    Since I'm going with a group of friends, we're all pairing up so the tickets are less. If we went separately they would be $15, but the tickets go down $5 for couples. This way, the two of us only have to pay $5 a piece. Whoa!

Ticket~ $5

    And finally dinner at a former country club called Signatures. I heard that you can easily spend $50 on the less expensive things on the menu, so I'll probably be eating an energy bar beforehand.

Dinner~ $???
Clif bar~ $1.25

    Prices shouldn't get in the way of a fun night with your friends! You can look just as dolled up for just a fraction of the price.
    Well, I suppose this can be the second edition of Breanna's Fairytale Land of Storytime and Discussion. Storytime's over, now discuss my lovelies, discuss! Tell me your most memorable... um... memory of prom. I'll be excited to hear if prom is really what it's cracked up to be, because to tell you the truth, I'm a little skeptical. And I really hope it's not like the movies.



What the??




  1. Loving this post! With the last picture I can't help but think of Tiara's voice in HSM3 "Let's DAAANCE!" I may have to borrow your petticoat if I go to prom next year!

  2. Sure! It's the least I can do after you gave me three dresses!
    I also realized that I spelled "expensive" "espensive" in the tags. While correcting that I changed it to "inexpensive" since expensive doesn't really seem to fit the feeling of the post. lol


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