Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wow, I WORE That?!

     So reading Maddie's blog post from the other day brought back some hilarious and fond memories from our Florida escapade. I will vouch for the fact that that tub in our hotel bathroom put the "awe" in awesome, although I was a little afraid that the pipes in the ceiling would break while the water was running and the whole shebang would come crashing down on top of us. I don't over-analyze things at all.
    I really do love looking at pictures, especially old ones, because I'm a nostalgia junky. So, when my grandpa found an old photo album I was completely thrilled! It contained a bunch of pictures of my mom and I from when we lived in Green Bay and Maddie and I saw each other at least twice a year. I know you're probably thinking, It seems like you guys see each other a lot more than that now! (Or you're probably not.) Well, let me tell you this is a very new thing for us. From the time we were four until the time we were fourteen, we saw each other maybe once a year.
    This here is proof that Madeline and I have been friends since day one (of my birth, since we weren't born on the same day...that would be weird...).

Me (left) and Maddie at a petting zoo at the age of two. Judging by this picture,
you'd think denim was the only fabric on earth.

That's me on the left perfecting my dumb blonde look and Maddie on the left looking
like she just pulled an all-nighter.

M: We're gonna need a bigger book! I have to sit on top of Breanna to read it!
B: That's okay, I can't read.

    I may or may not have put these up without permission from the other half of the Ninny Muggins', so if I don't write another blog post for a really long time (Hey, I mean a really really long time.) you'll know why. Aside: Please don't yell at me for putting these up, Maddie! Besides, you're cute!
    I encourage you all to go home and pull out an old photo album of when you were younger. Go on! It'll be fun!




  1. Oh. My. Goodness! Breanna I remember that book! It made animal noises! I love that you posted these pictures lol! The pulling an all nighter look obviously hasn't worn off ;)

  2. hahaha Good times, eh? Don't worry, my dumb blonde look hasn't worn off either. lol

  3. Hey! The stupid mac finally let me comment :D. Haha, you guys are hilarious! I won't comment on the all nighter, or the dumb blonde look ;P. Love your blog!



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