Friday, March 25, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Now that all the "Find love in a week!" and "Loose 10 inches guaranteed!" adds have disapeared from TV even if "It's STILL NOT TOO LATE!" I have decided to seriously consider fomulating my resolution list, and while it may not be about finding love (I already have that... Oh Justin Bieber *sighs* JUST KIDDING! Don't mock me I think he's adorable) or loosing weight I do have a few goals that I thought I'd share. Some are silly, some are serious :)

#1) Challenge my Faith at Kamp Kanakuk this summer!

I cannot wait to head to Kanakuk for my fouth summer this year! I am very excited to be qualfied for a special Bible study this year "BLD" (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, They meet after those times)

#2) Eat Healthier

I've always been a pretty healthy muncher but lately I've noticed I've been reaching for the Lays Potato Chips instead of an apple... Which is just as yummy. I want to stress that this is not in an effort to loose weight but to have a healthier lifestyle.

#3) Sew a small LINED purse or pouch.

It's a random thing but I've had a fear of zippers and lined purses (making them that is) It could be that all those "cut 1/38579435 yards of some fabric and then sew at a 09534 degree angle" frightens me... (Yes I was really over exaggerating) or that I would just rather take material, cut it, sew it then BAM! DONE! All I know for sure is that the measuring scares me.

#4) Overcome my irrational fear of sewing patterns (and lined pouches)

Kinda a spin off of #3... It's foolish I know.

#5) Drive

I have my Temps, but I have a phobia of sorts of driving. Not sure why, I'm a good driver I just... agh, grr. 

#6) Improve my Tennis Game

I started playing tennis with a friend of mine near the end of last summer and they were (and are) much better than I was (and am). Mercifully they would always go easy on me. So yes, I'd like to improve as much as possible and beat them fair and square ;)

#7) Laugh. Every. Day.

Rumor has it that you can add 7 years to your life by laughing everyday... So I shall!

#8) Take up running

So it's a well kept secret that I am a horrible runner (unless of course you've seen me *run* at Kanakuk) I'd love to take up running! I can sprint! I'm a very fast sprinter but running I'd like even more!

#9) Write more letters

If ya'll remember I did a post on hand written letters? Oh you don't remember, well you should read it now. I've been better about writing them but I haven't kept to my goal of writing one a week. So, back to the letter writing it goes.

#10) B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

I feel like life gets crazy sometimes and you can go a little crazy if you don't! I need to remember to do this.

#11) Read more books than blogs

I love books. If you ever are at a standstill as to what to get me for a birthday, Christmas or other gift giving events look no further than the rack of giftcards at Barnes and Noble. Love. Love. Love.

#12) Learn and perfect different accents

Random, I know. But I'd love to perfect an Irish, Scottish, Aussie, Jersey (or should I say joy-zey?) and any other neat ones.

#13) Get to my other blog

Yes, I have another blog... I'll tell ya'll some other time about it but I never get around to posting. Sad Monkey.

#14) Sing

I love to sing... Although my dad probably disagrees I'd like to sing more.

#15) Drink more water

Roughly 70% of the adult human body is made up of water. Many times dehydration is mistaken for hunger. I think it would be smart to lower my sugary drink intake and up the H2O.

That's all for now!

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