Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wow, I WORE That?!

     So reading Maddie's blog post from the other day brought back some hilarious and fond memories from our Florida escapade. I will vouch for the fact that that tub in our hotel bathroom put the "awe" in awesome, although I was a little afraid that the pipes in the ceiling would break while the water was running and the whole shebang would come crashing down on top of us. I don't over-analyze things at all.
    I really do love looking at pictures, especially old ones, because I'm a nostalgia junky. So, when my grandpa found an old photo album I was completely thrilled! It contained a bunch of pictures of my mom and I from when we lived in Green Bay and Maddie and I saw each other at least twice a year. I know you're probably thinking, It seems like you guys see each other a lot more than that now! (Or you're probably not.) Well, let me tell you this is a very new thing for us. From the time we were four until the time we were fourteen, we saw each other maybe once a year.
    This here is proof that Madeline and I have been friends since day one (of my birth, since we weren't born on the same day...that would be weird...).

Me (left) and Maddie at a petting zoo at the age of two. Judging by this picture,
you'd think denim was the only fabric on earth.

That's me on the left perfecting my dumb blonde look and Maddie on the left looking
like she just pulled an all-nighter.

M: We're gonna need a bigger book! I have to sit on top of Breanna to read it!
B: That's okay, I can't read.

    I may or may not have put these up without permission from the other half of the Ninny Muggins', so if I don't write another blog post for a really long time (Hey, I mean a really really long time.) you'll know why. Aside: Please don't yell at me for putting these up, Maddie! Besides, you're cute!
    I encourage you all to go home and pull out an old photo album of when you were younger. Go on! It'll be fun!



Friday, March 25, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Now that all the "Find love in a week!" and "Loose 10 inches guaranteed!" adds have disapeared from TV even if "It's STILL NOT TOO LATE!" I have decided to seriously consider fomulating my resolution list, and while it may not be about finding love (I already have that... Oh Justin Bieber *sighs* JUST KIDDING! Don't mock me I think he's adorable) or loosing weight I do have a few goals that I thought I'd share. Some are silly, some are serious :)

#1) Challenge my Faith at Kamp Kanakuk this summer!

I cannot wait to head to Kanakuk for my fouth summer this year! I am very excited to be qualfied for a special Bible study this year "BLD" (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, They meet after those times)

#2) Eat Healthier

I've always been a pretty healthy muncher but lately I've noticed I've been reaching for the Lays Potato Chips instead of an apple... Which is just as yummy. I want to stress that this is not in an effort to loose weight but to have a healthier lifestyle.

#3) Sew a small LINED purse or pouch.

It's a random thing but I've had a fear of zippers and lined purses (making them that is) It could be that all those "cut 1/38579435 yards of some fabric and then sew at a 09534 degree angle" frightens me... (Yes I was really over exaggerating) or that I would just rather take material, cut it, sew it then BAM! DONE! All I know for sure is that the measuring scares me.

#4) Overcome my irrational fear of sewing patterns (and lined pouches)

Kinda a spin off of #3... It's foolish I know.

#5) Drive

I have my Temps, but I have a phobia of sorts of driving. Not sure why, I'm a good driver I just... agh, grr. 

#6) Improve my Tennis Game

I started playing tennis with a friend of mine near the end of last summer and they were (and are) much better than I was (and am). Mercifully they would always go easy on me. So yes, I'd like to improve as much as possible and beat them fair and square ;)

#7) Laugh. Every. Day.

Rumor has it that you can add 7 years to your life by laughing everyday... So I shall!

#8) Take up running

So it's a well kept secret that I am a horrible runner (unless of course you've seen me *run* at Kanakuk) I'd love to take up running! I can sprint! I'm a very fast sprinter but running I'd like even more!

#9) Write more letters

If ya'll remember I did a post on hand written letters? Oh you don't remember, well you should read it now. I've been better about writing them but I haven't kept to my goal of writing one a week. So, back to the letter writing it goes.

#10) B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

I feel like life gets crazy sometimes and you can go a little crazy if you don't! I need to remember to do this.

#11) Read more books than blogs

I love books. If you ever are at a standstill as to what to get me for a birthday, Christmas or other gift giving events look no further than the rack of giftcards at Barnes and Noble. Love. Love. Love.

#12) Learn and perfect different accents

Random, I know. But I'd love to perfect an Irish, Scottish, Aussie, Jersey (or should I say joy-zey?) and any other neat ones.

#13) Get to my other blog

Yes, I have another blog... I'll tell ya'll some other time about it but I never get around to posting. Sad Monkey.

#14) Sing

I love to sing... Although my dad probably disagrees I'd like to sing more.

#15) Drink more water

Roughly 70% of the adult human body is made up of water. Many times dehydration is mistaken for hunger. I think it would be smart to lower my sugary drink intake and up the H2O.

That's all for now!

The Adventures of US!

We are SOOOO sorry we have abandoned the blog! We have been busy beyond belief! We were planning on doing tons of blog and vlog posts during our vacation together but the videos we made didn't turn out and I (Madeline) have not had a chance to edit any of them. So without further ado, here are some pictures of our adventure (all taken at Downtown Disney unless otherwise noted)

Anyone know how to turn pictures???

Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!


We are SOOOO excited for the 4th POTC movie! DRINK UP ME HEARTIES!

Breanna makes a pretty hardcore biker chick.

Me? I'll stick to knitting.

Although random joy rides might be delightful ;)

Impersonating the dragon outside Lego Land!

So we didn't get anything but seriously, can we please bottle this smell and make it a perfume, body wash and shampoo? Deeeee-lish!

Breanna "Why aren't you posing?"  Madeline "I am posing, it's a dancer pose."
Having a blast at the disney pin trading store. Breanna got her first pin!

After a long day we relaxed in the giant tub at the hotel. It was sooooo cool. The water came out of the celing into the tub.
 Hope you enjoyed a few pictures from our FL adventure!

Miss you all!

<3 + =)

Madeline and Breanna

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wanna-be Food Critics

    So, yesterday we ate at Giordano's. They are know for their World Famous Chicago style pizza, we ordered plain cheese so as to not  ruin the wonderful flavor (Though, Breanna has tried the spinach and cheese and thinks that it is also delicious). All we're going to say is go find a Giordano's and order a pizza. 5 out of 5 stars!

    Since we already think we're awesome critics let's review a movie while we're at it. The King's Speech.... FABULOUS! It was rated R, but we personally think it could've passed as a PG-13. The rating was for language, but most of the curses were condensed into one scene, so it's not like they swore like sailors the whole time.
    We're having a splendid time here in the Sunshine State! We hope that you're having a grand time in your own respective places in the world.

<3 + =)

Madeline and Breanna

P.S. We will post pictures of our adventures, a vlog on it is still in limbo...